Leptin Supplements: The 10 Best Leptin Supplements

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Getting rid of excess fat from the body has always been daunting. It often involves some painful and overwhelming processes that are difficult to maintain. Hence, fitness therapists often recommend leptin supplements for people who cannot withstand the rigorous approaches to weight loss.

Leptin supplements have been found to support weight loss without you having to go through starvation, rigorous routine exercise, eating tasteless diet, etc.Although leptin supplements offer great solution to weight loss and are highly recommended, choosing the best leptin supplements has always been a challenge for most people aiming to lose weight.

This is because there are tons of leptin supplements out there on the market, claiming superiority over one another, thereby making it difficult for you to make suitable and informed choices.

If the difficulty of making the right choice of leptin supplement has been your challenge, we want to assure you that we understand your plight and we know how overwhelming it could be to choose from the thousands of leptin supplements available on the market today.

Hence, we have taken our time to conduct a thorough market research of the different leptin supplements out there and we have been able to come out with the top 10 best leptin supplements that will help you to make an informed decision towards achieving your fitness goal of shedding excess body fat.

Thus, we will like to congratulate you for landing on this page. Now, we advise you to relax and spend the next few minutes learning more about leptin supplements, how they work, and if they are actually efficient at reducing body fats.

In this article, we will also give you an honest review of some of the best leptin supplements available in the market. Hopefully, we will be able to save you the trouble of going through tons of leptin products before you can make the right choice.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is a protein hormone that comes from fat cells. It is the hormone that regulates hunger and inform the brain when your stomach is filled up. Leptin was discovered by researchers in 1994 and has since been found to be one of the most important hormones responsible for the regulation of the body weight, controlling of fat levels, and increasing of body metabolism.

It is primarily produced in the white adipose tissue by the adipocytes, but it can also be found in the bone marrow, the brown adipose tissue, ovaries, pituitary, placenta, in the liver, mammary epithelial cells, skeletal muscle and the stomach.

The production of leptin occurs naturally in the body as an adipose hormone that works as informant to the brain to let you know if the food you’re taken has reached the required level sufficient for producing the body’s needed energy.

People become obese or get overweight when the level of leptin in their bodies become insufficient enough to inform the brain that they are full and need to stop eating. So, people with leptin resistance may continue eating without any caution until they become overweight due to excess fat stored in their bodies.

How Do Leptin Supplements Work?

The quantity of leptin you will find in the body is proportional to the quantity of fat in the body. This fact suggests that leptin cannot be deficient in the body. So, contrary to the common belief that it is leptin deficiency that makes people become overweight; studies have actually linked obesity to a condition called “leptin resistance.”

This means a break in communication between the brain and the leptin hormone. The lack of communication between the leptin hormone and the brain is the reason why some people no longer get the signals to stop eating when they get full.

As a result, they eat more food than what their body needs to gain the energy required for day-to-day activities. As this happens consistently, the excess fat in foods become accumulated and are stored in the body. This accumulation may lead to obesity.

Leptin supplements work by sensitizing the brain. They do it by creating conditions that stimulate effective communication to the brain by leptin hormones. So, when a person takes a leptin supplement, the brain gets the fullness signal more often, and consequently, the craving for food diminishes. As the usual appetite for food suppresses, the body begins to lose sizeable amount of fat.

The problem, however, is that many of the leptin supplements that are flooding the market today do not really deliver on their promise. Most of them make false claims about their efficacies while others deliver counterproductive results. This explains why there is a need for a definitive guide that provides useful details on how to chose the right leptin supplements.

Now, brace yourself as we provide you with the review of the best leptin supplements available on the market. This review will serve as a guide to help you make an informed decision when you decide to look for a leptin supplements to help you to achieve your fitness goals.

The 10 Best Leptin Supplements

Leptin supplements increase the signals from leptin informing the brain that you’re full and should stop eating. So, the supplements help to suppress your appetite for food. It, therefore, reduce your chances of eating beyond what your body needs to generate the energy you would normally require to carry out your usual day to day activities. As your food craving reduces, the potential for you to take in calories reduces as well. And subsequently, you will begin to tap into the excess fat stored in your body to generate energy when your system becomes deficit of calories.

#1 NatureWise CLA 1250

Leptin Supplement NatureWise CLA 1250
NatureWise CLA 1250, High Potency, Natural Weight Loss Exercise Enhancement

Several studies have shown the efficacy of Conjugated Linoleic Acids (CLA) in helping people to lose weight.

It is believed that CLA helps to increase the sensitivity of leptin in communicating with the brain.

Therefore, NatureWise CLA 1250 supplement can help you to lower body mass as well as accelerates the process of weight loss.

The NatureWise CLA 1250 boasts of the following features:

  • A high-potency source of conjugated linoleic acid
  • All natural and non-stimulating
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Doctor formulated
  • Third party tested for purity and potency
  • 1,000 mg of active CLA per soft-gel
  • Derived from non-GMO safflower oil
  • Standardized to high-potency 80%

NatureWise CLA 1250 is available on Amazon.com

2. L-carnitine

The first product on this review is the L-carnitine protein supplement. It is a naturally occurring protein often found in most bodybuilding and weight management supplements. It has the capacity to optimize leptin’s appetite suppressing activities in your body and may make it easier for you to adhere to eating foods with low calories.

A Study at the School of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran, has shown that supplements with L-carnitine are effective in helping overweight or obese adults to reduce their body mass as well as helping them to lose considerable amount of fat in their waist circumference.

The study concludes that supplementing with L-carnitine as weight loss agent is based on the fact that its ingestion into the body increases intracellular concentration, which in-turn activates fat oxidation and helps to reduce fat reserved in the body. It is highly recommended for anyone looking to shed body fat.

  1. LeptiBurn from BioTrust

LeptiBurn is a leptin supplement that caters for the challenges of fat loss in two distinct ways. First, it has ingredients that help to increase the production of leptin. And secondly, it has ingredients that help to lower leptin resistance.

Some of the active ingredients you will find in LeptiBurn include: Irvingia gabonensis, which has been found to aid weight loss as well as support leptin sensitivity. This ingredient hinders the production of C-reactive protein (CRP), which is a substance in the body that has been linked to leptin resistance.

Another active ingredient you will find in LeptiBurn is the Oleanolic acid. This acid is extracted from olive tree leaves and is found to promote weight loss. A third active ingredient you in this supplement is Modifilan. This also helps to stimulate leptin sensitivity as well as increase body metabolism. And lastly, there is Panax notoginseng, which has the natural ability to suppress appetite and increase leptin sensitivity.

These four active ingredients combine with others ingredients in LeptiBurn work together to increase metabolic rate as well as promote the use of stored fat for energy. The combination of these ingredients makes LeptiBurn to stand out among its competitions when it comes to appetite suppressing and fat burning activities. LeptiBurn is sold on Amazon.com at $69.00.

  1. Leptinal from Wellness Resources

Leptinal is one of the most popular weight management supplements you will find on the market. This supplement is designed to help improve leptin communication with the brain. It also increases body metabolism.

Leptinal contains a blend of active ingredients such as DHA, GLA, tocotrienols, pomegranate, and citrus-derived polymethoxylated flavones. The combination of these ingredients results in a formula that helps to optimize leptin weight management functions, thereby helping you to achieve the beautiful physique you crave. The 90 capsules pack of Leptinal is retailed between $44 and $55.

  1. LeptiSlim from Wellness Resources.

The fifth supplement on this list, LeptiSlim, is designed specifically to help curb food and sugar cravings. It also promotes healthy glucose metabolism. This Appetite and Weight Management Formula contains active ingredients such as: gymnema, sylvestre, inula racemosa, colostrum, insulin supportive chromium and vanadium. Highlight of LeptiSlim functions include the following:

  • Helps reduce sugar and food cravings
  • Supports blood sugar metabolism
  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Improves thyroid hormone function

LeptiSlim comes in a pack of 90 capsules and retails between $26.40 and $33.00.

  1. Leptin Control Pack from Wellness Resources

This is a complete package for weight management from wellness resources. It is packed into on-the-go packets that provide nutritional support for improved leptin functions. Each of the packages contains the following essential nutritional and health supporting supplements: 1-Leptinal®, 1-Thyroid Helper®, 1-Stress Helper®, 1-LeptiSlim®, 1-Cinnamon Plus™, 1-Green Tea Extract, and 1-Quercetin.

Leptin Control Pack promotes glucose metabolism and leptin communication, which makes it effective at aiding weight loss. Other health benefits of Leptin Control Pack include:

  • Increases energy, improves mood, and promotes motivation.
  • Helps reduce sugar and food cravings.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar metabolism.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol metabolism.

No doubt, Leptin Control Pack is the most comprehensive supplement feature on this list. The combination of several individually effective substances help to combat fatigue, reduce cravings, improve mental energy, increase metabolism and ultimately, improve the efficiency of leptin hormone communication. All these activities can help to facilitate fat burning process in the body. Leptin Control Pack is sold at a discounted price of $93.60.

  1. LeptiFit from Whole Health

LeptiFit is a leptin enhancing supplement. It has the natural capacity to promote healthy weight management and regulates your body’s Leptin levels. With LeptiCore® as its major component, LeptiFit™ helps to curb your appetite and consequently, aids weight loss.

LeptiFit supplement can come handy for any obese person looking to reduce weight. The product retails at $23.00 on Amazon.com

  1. LeptiTrim6 from Immune-Tree

The LeptiTrim6 is a weight management supplement that is scientifically designed to provide superior weight loss solutions. It has the capacity to stimulate leptin into action, helping you to suppress hunger and at the same time combat excess fat in your body. LeptiTrim6 is a great supplement for anyone looking to successfully lose some inches and stay healthy. LeptiTrim6 can be found on Amazon.com at a retail price of $55.98.

  1. LeptiCore from MD LIFE

If you have been making several attempt to lose weight and it seems you’re not getting the desired results, LeptiCore will come handy for you. The MD LIFE™ LeptiCore is a physician-formulated weight loss and management supplement with proven track records. It has the capacity to stimulate Leptin sensitivity as well as lower food cravings. Some of the features of LeptiCore includes the following:

  • Clinically-Proven Weight Management Formula
  • Promotes Leptin Sensitivity for Optimal Hunger Control
  • Boosts Metabolism for Fast Weight Loss

The 120 capsules of MD LIFE™ LeptiCore is sold on Amazon.com at a discounted retail price of $38.25.

  1. LeptiPURE

The last supplement on this list is the highly efficacious and effective LeptiPURE. This product leverags the synergy of two powerful botanical extracts: The patent protected GymnePURE® Gymnema sylvestre leaf and the TinosPURE™ Tinospora cordifolia stem, to suppress hunger and aid weight loss. LeptiPURE™ also improves leptin sensitivity. Some of the unique features of LeptiPURE are:

  • A combination of two powerful botanical extracts: GymnePURE™ Gymnema sylvestre leaf and TInosPURE™ Tinospora cordifolia stem.
  • Self-Modulating Insulin Secretagogue.
  • Improves Leptin Sensitizing
  • Provides Metabolic Support.

LeptiPURE retails at $33.00 on Amazon.com

The Bottom Line

Although leptin supplements have lots of weight management benefits for fitness enthusiasts, you may also need to put in some conscious efforts in terms of healthy nutrition and regular body exercise to achieve your desired result.

If you’re are obese and you really want to get rid of your excess weight, this guide will definitely come in handy for you. Any of the above-listed Leptin supplements are capable of helping you to achieve your weight loss goals.

All you need to do is to choose the leptin supplement that is more appealing to you from the list above and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers on how to make the most effective use of the product.

It is, however, recommended that you see a doctor who can help you prescribe the most suitable leptin supplement for your unique condition after a relevant medical diagnosis.