The 7 Best Vegan Probiotics in 2018

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These days, you can barely move without seeing advice on what you should and should’t be doing for your health and wellbeing. This isn’t a bad thing, because looking after your health is something everyone should place a huge amount of importance on. Despite that, how do you figure out the good advice from the bad?

When it comes to probiotics, you’ll see a huge amount of news. These are great additions to your diet, with many benefits overall. If you’re vegan, or you prefer to use only vegan products, you’ll also find many vegan probiotics on the market too.

To help you narrow down your choice, let’s talk about vegan probiotics in particular, and review some of the most popular products around.

What Are Vegan Probiotics?

Within the human gut, there are two types of bacteria – good and bad. You might think it’s ridiculous that any type of bacteria could be considered good, but the favourable stuff helps to balance up proceedings, and allows your digestive system to work in the best way possible, cutting out the chances of digestive conditions developing. The good bacteria are called probiotics.

It is thought that the health of your digestive system has a direct link with how well your immune system runs too, so ensuring that you get the right balance here is key for overall health and wellbeing. You can find probiotics in regular foods, but most people would struggle to get their correct dosage simply from diet alone. For this very reason, supplements are very popular choices, to top up the good bacteria, and keep the bad stuff at bay. There are also many vegan probiotic products in particular.

An Important Thing to Know When Buying a Vegan Probiotic

Taking one supplement per day is usually enough to top up your probiotic levels and keep everything running smoothly. There are various different types of probiotics to purchase, but you need to ensure that you’re looking for the vegan type, if your diet is particularly in this category.

The most popular probiotic around is called lactobacillus. Of course, the prefix of this would make a vegans realise this isn’t something they can have in their diet, because it is linked to milk. The thing is, lactobacillus doesn’t contain dairy per se, but the culture is produced on dairy products in the production state. This is something a vegan needs to weigh up, because ultimately, by purchasing this type of probiotic, some profit is going towards the dairy industry.

So, the most popular type aside, what should you be looking for? Basically a vegan probiotic is one which has ‘vegan’ specified on the label. Anything which states ‘non dairy’ is likely to be the same grey type of area as lactobacillus.

The Benefits of Probiotics

We know that we need to be looking for ‘vegan’ probiotics on the label, but we haven’t really talked in detail about the benefits of them per se. There are great gains to be had by ensuring that your probiotic levels are up to scratch, including:

  • Help to balance flora in the gut, e.g. ensure the right level of good bacteria to outweigh any bad
  • Helps to regulate and help with the smooth running of the digestive system
  • Helps to solve diarrhoea problems
  • Useful in the management of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Can help to improve some mental health issues, such as poor memory and depression
  • Great For heart health
  • Can help to improve some allergies and skin conditions, such as eczema
  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • Can Help You to lose weight and reduce belly fat

As you can see, there are many benefits to be obtained from taking probiotics on a daily basis, with the most commonly mentioned being the regulation of the digestive system and its associated conditions.

How to Get Probiotics in Your Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is actually very amenable to ensuring you get a good amount of probiotics in your regular diet.

Here are some popular probiotic food sources for vegans:

  1. Kimchi (you can have a go at making your own kimchi here)
  2. Sauerkraut
  3. Pickles (may be high in salt content)
  4. Kombucha
  5. Fermented soy products (such as tempeh and miso)

Additionally, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and plant-based foods are all very rich in prebiotic content (the food for probiotics).

However if you do struggle to get your daily amount, or you simply don’t feel you’re hitting the right level, then you can simply take a vegan probiotic supplement to solve the problem.

One per day is usually the standard dosage, take as a single supplement tablet at a time of day which suits you.

The Best Vegan Probiotic Supplements

#1 Deva Nutrition Vegan Probiotic Capsules

Deva Vegan Probiotic
Deva Vegan Probiotic


Deva Nutrition’s Vegan Probiotic Capsules are hugely popular amongst vegan probiotic fans, and contains 90 capsules, making this a great investment in terms of how long they last for.

The probiotic contained within this product is called bacillus coagulans, and this doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so you can easily take them with you in your bag or to work, without worrying about them spoiling.

This type of probiotic is also very hardy, surviving amongst stomach acid, and it isn’t produced on anything related to dairy, making it truly vegan friendly.

The probiotic also contains FOs (fructooligosaccharides), which is a prebiotic. Working hand in hand together, this product is ideal for anyone who currently struggling with digestive system issues.

customer reviewsWhat Customers Are Saying:

Many customers feel that this is an effective probiotic and prebiotic blend, and one that works for most people. Many customers also state that they are most effective when taking 30 minutes before a meal.

  • 90 capsules inside the bottle, which makes this a cost effective product
  • A prebiotic and probiotic blend, for an effective experience
  • Big named brand, giving piece of mind
  • Not produced with any type of dairy involved, so truly vegan-friendly
  • Some customers state that the supplements work best after a week or so of taking them, and isn’t an instant fix
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#2 Yuve Vegan Probiotic Sugar-Free Gummies

Yuve Vegan Probiotic Gummies
Yuve Vegan Probiotic Gummies


As a change from the regular supplement in a pill form, these gummies are designed to be fresh tasting a delicious. These are also safe for both adults and children, and work to help with IBS, regular gastrointestinal issues, bloating, constipation, and gas.

These gummies are sugar free and contain 5 billion live cultures of bacillus coagulans. Importantly, these are totally dairy free and free from any type of dairy-related production. They are also gluten free, gelatine free and chemical free, so overall a very free from any added extras product!

These gummies do need to be kept in the fridge in order for them to remain as fresh as possible, but aside from that, they are an ideal choice for those who want to be additive and vegan free, whilst also obtaining the benefits of probiotics.

customer reviewsWhat Customers Are Saying:

Most customers agree that the strawberry and orange flavoured gummies are delicious and very effective, and that they are very gentle on the stomach too.

  • Tasty gummies, an ideal change from a pill-type supplement
  • Contains 5 billion live cultures of bacillus coagulans
  • Dairy free, GMO free, gelatine free, and chemical free – suitable for vegans and those with regular sensitivities
  • Ideal for adults and children alike
  • They do need to be kept in a fridge, or at least in a very cool and dark place, with the lid screwed on tightly, to ensure they remain effective and fresh
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#3 Doctor’s Best Digestive Health Probiotic

doctors best vegan probiotic
Doctors best vegan probiotic 60 veggie caps


Doctor’s Best is a big named brand of supplement products, so you know you’re getting peace of mind from the start. This particular product contains 2 billion live cultures of LactoSpore, and is also free of many added extras such as GMO, gluten, and soy. Of course, these supplements are also ideal for vegans, being totally free from dairy. The pack contains 60 supplements, so good for around two months’ supply. Ideal for those who have regular stomach upset issues, perhaps IBS, and who want to ensure their overall gut health.

customer reviewsWhat Customers Are Saying:

Overall, customers all agree that this is an effective product, and although the pack size is a little smaller than some other similar products, it does last for around two months regardless. Most customers also stated that they noticed a change in their overall gut health/stomach upset issues quite quickly after starting to take the supplements.

  • Big named brand, giving peace of mind
  • Contains 2 billion live cultures of LactoSpore
  • Fast acting
  • Whilst these are vegan, they do have the ‘lacto’ prefix in the probiotic name, so this is something which is a personal decision in terms of whether to purchase or not
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#4 Organic Liquid Probiotics by MaryRuth’s

Organic Liquid Vegan Probiotic
Organic Liquid Vegan Probiotic


This particular probiotic is a little different from the others we’ve reviewed so far, in that it isn’t a solid form, it is actually a liquid. Because of that, this probiotic is ideal for those who aren’t too keen on the idea of taking pill-type supplements or gummies.

MaryRuth’s is also a family-run farming business in the USA, and because the farm is so small, there are only small batches of this probiotic liquid made at any one time. Made from totally plant based probiotics, and not affected or used in the dairy industry in the slightest, this choice is organic, non-GMO, vegan friendly, and free of wheat, soy, and nuts.

customer reviewsWhat Customers Are Saying:

Many customers asked if the liquid probiotic could be added to tea or coffee, to make it more palatable, but this will kill the probiotic content, so always take the drops as prescribed on the bottle. Customers found it to be very effective, and a good alternative to regular probiotic supplements.

  • A good alternative to supplements in tablet or gummy form
  • Made by a family run, farming business
  • Free of everything false, totally organic, and vegan free
  • Cannot be added to warm drinks
  • Not suitable for children under 12 years old, or pregnant women
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#5 Naturnetics Flora Pro Health Daily Probiotic

Naturenetics Vegan Probiotic
Naturenetics Vegan Probiotic


Available in packs of either 60 or 90 capsules, this Naturetics choice is a popular one, due to the huge brand name involved. The plus point of this product is that it doesn’t need to be kept in a refrigerator, so it is ideal for people with busy lives, who are on the go constantly.

The product starts off 100 billion live cultures, and whilst some claim to die over over time, there is 30 billion per capsule dose.

There are several high profile probiotics included in the product, including bifidobacterium and acidophilus. The strains are also designed to stand up to strong stomach acid, so this is a good product for those who have acid problems.

customer reviewsWhat Customers Are Saying:

Most customers agree that this probiotic is a very effective one, and because you can choose the size of the pack you want to buy, you are getting good value for money if you decide you like the product and want to bulk buy.

  • You can choose between a 60 or 90 capsule pack
  • Big brand name for extra peace of mind
  • Contains 30 billion live cultures per supplement dose
  • Stands up to strong stomach acid
  • Some customers stated that it made them more bloated at first, but then settled down, so this is something to bear in mind as a possible side effect
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#6 UP4 Probiotic Supplement For Women

UP4 Vegan Probiotics
UP4 Vegan Probiotics


This particular probiotic is a good one for women following a vegan diet, as it is designed specifically with females in mind. With around 10 billion live cultures in every supplement tablet, you’re certain getting your daily amount.

The lactobacilli is the main ingredient, so again, whist this is a vegan friendly product, it does fall within that grey area, and it is a personal decision to make.

This particular probiotic however is designed to help with feminine health problems and yeast balance in particular, as well as being great for immune system boosting. The supplements are also free of gluten and soy, as well as being preservative free. They are also kosher certified.

customer reviewsWhat Customers Are Saying:

Most customers were overall very pleased with the results of taking these probiotics for a short length of time, and found quick results. Most women also stated that they noticed a reduction in yeast infection problems after taking the supplements.

  • Specifically designed for women
  • Helps with problems which are specific to women’s health, such as yeast balance
  • Free of soy, gluten and preservatives
  • Designed to boost the immune system
  • 10 billion live cultures included in each supplement
  • Contains lactobacilli, so it is a personal decision as to whether you consider this 100% truly vegan friendly or not
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#7 NOW Probiotic 10 – 25 Billion


now probiotic 10
Now probiotic 10, 50 Veg Caps


NOW probiotic supplements contain between 10-25 billion live cultures per supplement and are ideal for those who follow a strict vegan lifestyle, as they are totally free of any dairy and any relation dairy in their production.

The supplements are also gluten free, and the pack size is large, containing 100 supplements. This offers a good value for money option, especially if you find that these supplements work well for you.

The ingredients are very resistant to strong stomach acid, so again, these are ideal for those who might have problems with acid, as well as being specifically designed to boost the immune system overall.

customer reviewsWhat Customers Are Saying:

Most customers state that these supplements are ideal for regular stomach issues and also for boosting energy and immune system. The large pack size is also something which many customers like, because it cuts down on the cost over the long-term.

  • Large pack size, ideal for a cost effective solution
  • Gluten and dairy free, a true vegan friendly product
  • Ideal for stomach acid problems, general gut issues, and also for boosting immune system overall
  • The large pack size could be an issue if you wanted to try the supplements out first, as you would be left with surplus if they didn’t suit you
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These seven probiotics are ideal for those who want to reap the benefits of probiotics in general. In terms of a clear winner, it’s hard to choose, but the most popular product, and therefore the winner on that level, is the Yuve Vegan Probiotic Sugar-Free Gummies.

The fact that these aren’t a regular tablet, and are a fresh tasting gummy sweet is a plus point, and they are also ideal for children too, so no need to purchase two different types of supplement to cater for the whole family.

These are also truly vegan friendly, with no worries in terms of any dairy relation in the production process.

The 7 Best Vegan Probiotics in 2018
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