The 7 Best Back Massagers of 2018

After a long day at work there is nothing better than coming home and finding the time to relax. To cook, to read, catch up on all those shows that you are expected to be binging, and to tend to all the various sores and aches that the day happened to bring your way. As much as we would love to help you digest and understand the latest television has to offer, we can help with the daily aches of life by looking into the 7 best back massagers of 2018.


Back massagers are a great way to get to those hard to sooth areas that keep you from reaching your most relaxed self. The tough spots on the hard to reach areas on your back that need kneading out, a good massager will have you covered.


Why a Back Massager?

Here’s the question, why would you want to invest in a back massager?

An image forms in the mind of some clunky device that is thrown over your armchair, constructed of cheap plastics, that can only vibrate with the one function.


There are back massagers out there that do fit this description, unfortunately. But there are some incredible devices that work to help relieve you of stress and the tensions of the day.  


Aches and pains in the back come from our posture. How we hold ourselves day to day. Or, depending on where you work and what you do to make a living, how you have to hold yourself during the day.


It is well known and well felt that people who work in an office, sat down at a desk, awful lower back pain. And by the same token, people who work outdoors build up a lot of tension in their upper backs. It seems that regardless of your employment, there will be tasks and times that weigh heavy on your backs.


So a great back massager is a must.


What Makes a Great Back Massager

To achieve the status of being one of 2018’s best back massagers, a device must have these specific features. All adding to the makeup of a great personal massage device.


  • Heat Therapy


The application of heat to a muscle ache or pain helps to dilute blood vessels making for a smoother blood flow. This helps prevent the build up of lactic acid which, with a high build up in one area, is quite bad for your healing process.


Heat therapy also helps relax and soothe areas of discomfort. A back massager that can provide you with enough heat to help with your soreness is worth its weight in gold.


  • Alternating Node Directions


A back massaging device needs to be capable of at the very least a bi-directional movement to help it in tackling all those pesky knots and tensions that you wind up in your back all day.


If the device only works in the one direction, then it will only help to move the knots over to a new location. Having your nodes (massaging machine heads) move against each other smoothes out the tension and fights to offer you a better chance at pain relief.\


  • Cordless Device


The benefits to having a cordless device are rather obvious. It will be able to reach further, and into more difficult or awkward places, than a massager that needs to be plugged into an outlet to work.


Outletted devices are still great to use, but having a rechargeable battery powered unit gives you the option for remote use. Take your pain relief with you wherever you go.


The 7 Best Back Massagers of 2018

InvoSpa Shiatsu 3D Kneading Massager

Here we have InvoSpa bringing in the in one of the list’s first shiatsu machines, and one that looks as though it actually belongs in a gym.


InvoSpa is a great name in massaging tools as they are constantly developing and improving upon their latest models.

Most notably from this model are the 3D directional shiatsu nodes that work tirelessly to smooth out you back. But we’ll talk about those more in a sec.


What Customers are Saying

There is a lot of buzz as to the InvoSpa’s multi-directional moving nodes. Saying that they work even the toughest of knots and the deepest of muscle pain.

Some people find that this device needing a cord to be used is a bt of a deal-breaker, but it still has a wonderful way of relieving pain.




  • With a mix of eight small and large massaging nodes (four of each) encased in the central padding, that are all bi-directional in their movements, you are sure to get those knots worked out incredibly quickly.


  • The InvoSpa works with a built-in timer and will auto shutdown after around 15 minutes of use.


  • As well as the variety of massage nodes available and the built-in timers, InvoSpa also works with pretty nifty adjustable intensity settings. Three different speed settings and pressure controls.




  • Even on low settings, the pressure control on the nodes can be hard to people who are sensitive to massaging.


  • Like many of its competitors, the InvoSpa can run hot when in use for too long. Which is why the 15-minute auto timer is used to keep your cycles under control.


Hangsun Handheld MG400

This handheld massager is the product of years of manufacturing some of the best massage devices on the market. Hangsun have taken all that they have developed and learned and applied it to the MG400 handheld.


Already from the look of the Hangsun you can see that it is made for business with a dual-head percussion massage piece and by the design of the handle. It all looks as though it is there for a reason. To get to those harder to reach spots, work twice as hard on the tensions and to work better in the hand.


What Customers are Saying

Customers cannot seem to say enough about the ergonomic design of this device and how it is helping to reach areas of their backs more comfortably and efficiently.

Saying that even though the head of the massager is large, it provides a lot of power and pain relief when in use.




  • Works at 3500 pulses per minute which helps target and neutralize muscle pain and knots caused by tension.


  • An ergonomic handle with comfortable grip, and a 98-inch long power cable, help to move the Hangsun over all for the awkward and otherwise impossible to reach pain areas.


  • To accommodate your every need, the Hangsun works off of an easy to use speed gauge for the percussion heads.from a low and slow rumble to a high-speed pummeling of the areas with the most tension.




  • Though the ergonomic design is to help with maneuverability, the way it was constructed makes it a little heavy whilst in use.


  • When in use, the Hangsun can overheat just a little. These spells can usually be found after 20-25 mins, after which they will be needing some time to cool off.


LiBa Cordless Shiatsu Massager Belt

Instead of making you wait until the end of the list to see a Shiatsu massage device, we thought that it would only be fair to get the world’s most recognized back massager up at the front.


The LiBa Shiatsu machine works on its own rechargeable battery pack. No cords attached that you’ll have had to tiptoe around and no lengthy storing away process after each use. Because of this, it can be taken anywhere and used anywhere you feel a twinge in your back coming on.


What Customers are Saying

People can not stop raving about the four different massage functions that the LiBa has to offer. And they seem to just love its portability. Perfect for anyone with an on-the-go need and attitude.




  • Fully portable back massager. Without the need of any cords to achieve an optimal massaging power, the LiBa is ready and able to work at a moments notice. A fully charged battery can last up to 2 hours.


  • Heat therapy is a great tool used to better enhance your massage. The LiBa portable shiatsu belt can reach a heat of up to 105 degrees fahrenheit (40.5 degrees celsius) in no longer than twenty minutes time.


  • To help keep the belt maneuverable and in place when you need it to be, the LiBa designed the forearm straps to be completely adjustable. Versatile to anyone’s posture and movement.




  • This LiBa device only seems to operate on one speed setting with is a little fast for some people with slight aches and pains. Speed helps with the deeper issues in back muscle pain.


  • The duo internal motor system does run louder than some of its competitors on the market today.


Ikeepi Handheld Percussion Massager

The Ikeepi brand have developed and advanced their handheld range of back massagers for years now. They are a consistent in the market of handhelds thanks to their deep massage technology and interchangeable variety of nodes.


This percussion based massager is one of the best devices of its kind on the market. Let’s look into why that is.


What Customers are Saying


People are really gravitating toward this massaging wand. Claiming that it is the best handheld any have owned from the market. Simple in use, and hard hitting against knots and tension.




  • Using a high-torque motor helps to reach great speeds and hitting different angles with better force. A lot of what goes into this is based on high frequency vibration theory.


  • There are five deep massage modes with six intensity levels for you to play with and find what is best and most accommodating for your needs.


  • The Ikeepi also comes with 5 different massage heads. So that you can change up and alter the approach your massage takes against tensions in the back.




  • Not being a cordless device comes at a disadvantage for the Ikeepi. It would really be a perfect product if only it were.


Hensemon Home Massage Mate 2 Shiatsu Massager

Anyone who is aware of Hensemon Home brand, knows that they never release a product that they are not 100% behind. All of their devices are durable in build, elegant in appearance, and tough to beat regardless of competitor. These are constant threads that run throughout their device range.


Through constant quality control testing and Hensemon’s vigilant eye on how the shiatsu machines of top competitors are designed and manufactured, you can be assured that device is a labour of utmost care and attention to detail.

Let’s take a look.


What Customers are Saying

There is almost a hesitantance from customers telling people not to wait and to just get this back massager. Comments and reviews on this product remain on the up and up. Having nothing but praise for the shiatsu heat pads, the massaging nodes speed and pressure functionality, and with the neat accessories that come with it.




  • Hoping to show itself as a one of a kind reliable back massager, the Hensemon makes it it’s mission to bring you a powerful and constant heat. Simply press the heater button on the control pad, and the massager comes up to a heat therapeutic temperature. If you need extra heat, the device comes with a bonus thermal gel heat pack. That comes up to around 130 degrees fahrenheit.


  • Unlike many motors, Hensemon have constructed theirs out of a durable copper alloy. Which runs 8 massage nodes, all differing in size. All of these circuit controls are proudly made in the USA.


  • Comes complete with the gel heat pack, a wrap-around cover, hands-free strap for a more remote control of movement. And the appropriate chargers.




  • Hensemon does not provide any tangible instructions for how to use the device. Which is unfortunate, and not very user friendly.


  • As it was designed to break down tensions in the back, the Massage Mate 2 does work harder than most other back massagers. Even on the lowest setting, the pressure is too much for people who are not used to it or only have minor aches and pains.


Ohuhu Electronic Pulse Therapy Massager

Now here we have something completely different. We like to be open to new ideas, and love the positive results that the Ohuhu has garnered. This is more high-tech back massager that works on localised areas. Instead of pointing your handheld massage wand or wrapping your back in a massage sling, this pulse therapy massager is affixed to areas of discomfort and beats the tension away.


The Ohuhu Pulse Therapy massager is scientifically developed to combine together all of the great remedies and practices that help against back pain. Including acupuncture (don’t worry, this is not a Home-DIY acupuncture kit), tapping, tuina, cupping, and scraping.


What Customers are Saying

Even though the Ohuhu looks far beyond what you would expect of a back massager, people have been going crazy for the extra pain relief factor that this device brings. Having different pads to localise the pressure functions to certain areas of discomfort has seemed to have done wonders for many verified customers.




  • Portable in every sense of the word. The unit is created to be adaptable and pocket-sized. You can take it anywhere and use it everywhere. The nodes are all attached to the centre console and can be affixed to tense areas on the go.


  • Designed to reach multiple areas of discomfort all at once. With 12 nodes in all (6 large + 6 small), there is no limit to how you can treat your muscle pain. Simply attach and find the right massage pressure for you.


  • The control panel’s LCD screen is easy to read and use. Navigate it through all the many different functions of the Ohuhu.




  • Though the Ohuhu is indeed praised for its ease of use, it does not come with easy to decipher instructions. So much of your learning will have to come from playing around with functions and finding what suits you.


  • Pads that the nodes come attached to need to be operated with care. They are all assigned a cable that attaches them to the centre console, so if you are not careful with them they could snap and cause a node to become useless.


Oregon Scientific Handheld Percussion Massager

Oregon Scientific make this brand  sound a lot more like a biochemical laboratory operating out of the American north-west. When in actuality, this powerhouse of electrical appliances works tirelessly to bring you easy to operate household items.


Such as this back massager.


Being last on the list, we thought we would end with a bang. The Handheld Percussion Massager is a designed to look minimal but it is far from that in functionality. There are six massage modes to choose from, deep tissue nodes to help relieve pain at the head, and it has developed the motor to be one of the best acting on the market today.


What Customers are Saying

Many customers are claiming this as the end of their muscle pain woes. Operating with a long battery life, excellent pressure control, and people seem to really enjoy the totally different actions attributed to each of the six massage functions available.




  • As well as operating using 6 different functions of massage, there are 6 speeds available to the user as well. Pick and choose between all 12 variables to achieve your perfect massage.


  • The ergonomic motor at the heart of this construction works up to 3200 pulses per minute. Allowing it to create a strong and deep tissue massage. It also has a built-in timer cutting the power after 15 minute sessions. Preventing overuse and overheating.


  • On a full charge, the Oregon Scientific Handheld reaches up to 100 minutes of usable power.




  • Due to safety concerns, this device cannot be used whilst on charge. Which could have been great if you wanted a longer massage time.


  • Runs a little noisy whilst in use. Not plates in the dishwasher noisy, but it is definitely noticeable


In Conclusion

After evaluating and going through everything that customers and retailers have had to say about each of these items, we believe that we may have found the best back massager available in 2018 to be…


InvoSpa Shiatsu 3D Kneading Massager!


This device encapsulates everything that a great back massager needs to be to rise above its competitors in the market. Cordless controls, the bi-directional deep pressure massages that the nodes can easily perform, a perfect level of heat therapy.

All this, and it just looks really cool. This sticks out as the best back massager with its great functionality and with its vibrant personality.

Many of these devices come with personalized functions and features for different aches and pains. So keep a look out for what is best for you and ease yourself out of your work day and into the relaxing hours of your free time.

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