Complete List of Health Benefits of Probiotics for Kids

“My tummy hurts!”. This is a common expression that you hear from young children. Adults often brush this off as your little one is being dramatic and craving attention, but this can be a deeper underlying issue with your child’s gut health. 

Probiotics can be the solution to your child’s underlying microbiome issues. Probiotics are often found in many foods naturally but they are also consumed as dietary supplements. As a parent, it is natural to be apprehensive towards your child taking supplements, but these supplements, if taken in proper doses, offer numerous benefits. 

The benefits of probiotics for kids are vast. In this blog post, we will highlight some of those health benefits. 

Weight Management: One of the Most Important Benefits of Probiotics for Kids

Weight management is something that needs to be developed immediately for your child. Childhood obesity rates have been steadily rising in the past year. As a result of being quarantined, many families have turned to an unhealthy diet in order to cope with the chaos of the last 12 months. 

It goes without saying that as your weight goes up, so does your blood pressure, heart rate, and likelihood to get diabetes. It has been found that obese individuals tend to have a less diverse microbiome than average-weight individuals. 

Probiotics supplements for kids can offer your kids a diverse microbiome that is better equipped to fight off fat, which will make them less susceptible to other diseases. 

Often times more urgent measures have to be taken in order to get your child’s weight on track. You can find more here in terms of professional help to get your child’s weight back to a healthy place. 

Improved Brain Function

Our children’s microbiome consists of a number of microorganisms that regulate their mood and brain function. These microorganisms will release melatonin and serotonin neurotransmitters, which help regulate our mood and brain function. 

This can help to explain why our mood starts to change when we have a more balanced and diverse diet. Maybe fast food isn’t the cure to your child’s mood and they just need a more balanced diet, alongside probiotic supplementation. 

In addition, it is best that your child’s brain function is set up for success as they start school.

Aids in Regularity

A healthy gut will create an environment in the stomach that is more conducive to healthy bowel movements. This can be especially important for young children as their stomachs start to become more adjusted to eating foods that take longer to digest.  

A diverse gut bacteria can fight constipation, diarrhea, as well as irritable bowel syndrome. 

Best Probiotics

There are a number of probiotics that are specifically geared toward children. The best approach is to find brands that are organic, have good reviews, and are at a dosage that is not too harsh for young children. As long as you are weary, there are very few risks that are associated with the benefits of probiotics for kids.   

Check out our Probiotics section for a deeper dive into this topic.

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