How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust: 5 Essential Tips

Wondering how to choose a plastic surgeon? Want to make sure you’re pleased with the results?

If you’re trying to find a plastic surgeon for the first time, it can be very difficult to know where to turn. While there are plenty of plastic surgeons around, it’s important to find one that you can trust and that will make you feel safe, secure, and taken care of. 

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ll give you 5 essential tips for choosing a plastic surgeon that you can trust.

1. Ask a Lot of Questions

Probably the biggest key to choosing a great plastic surgeon is to ask as many questions as you can. The process of getting plastic surgery can be scary and it’s expected that you’ll have questions about the procedure.

Don’t be afraid to meet with a surgeon and ask exactly what will happen during the surgery. You should feel free to ask about any details that you want to know about.

2. Do Your Research On the Surgeon

Another crucial step to choosing a trustworthy plastic surgeon is to do your research. This will mean checking the surgeon’s record and making sure that they are board-certified.

You can easily go to The American Board of Plastic Surgery website to see if they have been certified. You should also check out your state’s medical board to find out if there is any malpractice judgment or disciplinary action against the plastic surgeon.

3. Determine Hospital Access

You should also ask a plastic surgeon if they have hospital privileges. If they don’t, it may be a sight that they’re not trustworthy.

If a hospital has granted them access, the hospital will have vetted the plastic surgeon properly and will have performed a background check on them. Because of this, it can be a good sign that the plastic surgeon can be trusted with a procedure.

Additionally, having your surgery in a hospital is a good idea because there will be more resources and more doctors around to rely on in case something goes wrong.

4. Beware of Upsells

If any plastic surgeon tries to push a lot of other surgeries on you aside from the one you asked for initially, you should be cautious. If you’re interested in getting double eyelid surgery, for example, then a surgeon should spend their time speaking to you about that.

A doctor who tries to suggest a lot of additional surgeries may not have your best interest at heart, so you may not want to trust them with your surgery.

5. Go With Your Gut

When you meet with a plastic surgeon to discuss your needs, you should also simply feel them out and form an opinion on them. Ask yourself whether you trust them or not and whether they make you comfortable.

Do they make you feel safe and secure? Are they friendly and personable?

If you get the feeling that a plastic surgeon doesn’t see you as a person but only sees you as a paycheck, you may want to keep searching elsewhere instead.

Understanding How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

If you’re trying to figure out how to choose a plastic surgeon, make sure that you use all of the tips listed above during your search. Not all plastic surgeons are the same, so you need to do your due diligence and evaluate a surgeon carefully before deciding whether they’re right for your needs.

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