6 Important Steps To Improve Mental Clarity

Many times, people are challenged with the task of remaining focused or understanding a complex concept at work or school. The people with the sharpest minds are often the most competitive, and tend to perform better and have a better sense of self-worth and self-efficacy.

However, fatigue, stress, and noise are all factors that we have to contend with, and these tips will help you keep your thinking machine ever-clear and well-oiled:

First things first: does your focus need work?

The first step is analyzing where you are at with regard to cognitive function. Are you getting bogged down by daydreams and other thoughts? Can you tune out noise? How easy is it for you to remain alert and recall basic facts? If you are struggling with these issues, you need to take some action towards improving your mind’s sharpness, so you reap the most of your studies and work.

Eliminate distractions and noise

Some people are excellent at multi-tasking; listening to music as they do their work, but you might not have that trait. Instead, turn off the radio, and your phone then get down to work. If the distraction is your kids or a colleague who loves to chat, be assertive about it or have some specific time for work and play.


Are you drinking enough water? A dehydrated mind is a tired, sluggish mind. Again, be sure to take a balanced diet with green leafy vegetables or iron and fish for Omega 3. Also, consider taking supplements from reputable sources like KratomPowders.org to empower your brain further.

Be in the present

A common cause of brain fog and daydreaming is constantly stressing about the future or feeling guilty about the past. The future is not yet here, and the past is gone, so how about focusing on here and now?

Observe your surroundings; the weather, the color of your colleagues’ clothes, the hum of the office machines.

Take a break

Your mind, like any other machine, needs a break so that it cools off and resets. Psychologists say that subjecting your mind to the same sources of stimulation causes brain lag, kind of like it gets bored.

If you are studying for an exam or a major project at work, take a 15-minute break as often as you need to improve your attention and grasping capacity.


Exercise is critical for a healthy mind. If you are swamped at work, try walking home. Otherwise, incorporate some cardio workout every morning to give your brain that rush of oxygen it needs for optimal performance. Exercise also helps to reduce stress, a significant hinderer of excellent brain function.


Many people believe that the less you sleep, the more diligent you are. However, they could not be more wrong. Strive to obtain at least eight hours of shut-eye every day, and when the fog creeps up at work, take a thirty-minute powernap.


While these steps will help you jumpstart your brain function, reduced clarity of the mind can be a sign of a shift in your body’s normal function. If it persists for long, see a doctor to eliminate the chances of gut microbiome disruption or hypothyroidism.

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