Kratom Therapy: 4 Health Problems That Kratom Can Solve

Disclaimer: Kratom has its associated risks. We are not endorsing this product. We do not recommend using this product without consulting your doctor or medical professional.

Kratom is an herbal supplement that’s mostly used throughout Asia for a variety of benefits. Kratom comes from a type of evergreen tree and contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. The type of effects that kratom has on you depends on the dosage that you take. 

Kratom therapy can be used to solve several different health problems, but it’s important to take note that it’s not yet been approved by the Federal Drug Administration. However, it’s popularity in Asia would suggest that it’s benefits are worth looking into. 

Could you benefit from kratom therapy? Continue reading below to learn several different ways of how kratom can help you!

1. Chronic Pain

The effects that kratom has on your body are similar to that of opioids or prescription pain killers. Because of this, kratom acts as a natural form of an opioid. When taken in higher doses, kratom will ease pains. 

There are some side effects to consider as well, just like when taking any type of medication. Some common side effects are itching, constipation, and nausea. The positive effects of taking kratom are similar to the positive effects of taking morphine, without as much intensity. 

2. Lack of Energy

When taken in small doses, kratom can give its users a boost of energy. A low dose ranges from 1-5g. Within 10 minutes of taking the dosage, you’ll begin to see it’s positive side effects that’ll last around 60-90 minutes. 

Positive effects include a boost of energy and heightened libido. However, some people also experience negative side effects when taking small doses of kratom. Some of the negative side effects include agitation or anxiety. 

It’s always important to start off taking small amounts before diving right into it as everyone reacts to it differently. 

3. Lack of Socialization

If you suffer from isolation and have a lack of socialization in your life, you might benefit from kratom therapy. After taking kratom, you’ll begin to notice increased sociability in yourself. This might also be due to the increase in energy that kratom gives you.

It’s also important to note that you may experience a decrease in appetite. This could be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the specific person. 

4. Drug Addiction

One of the more common benefits of kratom is to manage opioid addiction. Those who have an addiction to opioids can take kratom and receive the same type of pain relief as they’d get with other pain killers but on a less intense scale. 

It’s a natural option to over-the-counter pain killers, but still has its own risks associated with it. However, if trying to ween off of much stronger pain killers, the decision to buy kratom might be a good solution. 

Is Kratom Therapy Right for You?

After reading through our list of benefits, we hope that you now have a better understanding of if kratom therapy is right for you or not. Do keep in mind that more research and studies are being done to determine more information on kratom as well.

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