KrillMD Review: 1MD Krill Oil Supplement

Supplements are a confusing subject to look into. You want to choose the right one, but you need to do it within a budget, and you want to be sure that you’re getting quality for your cash. There is no rigid regulation to the world of krill oil supplements, which makes the whole decision even harder!

If you’ve been thinking about taking a fish oil capsule for overall health and wellbeing, have you heard about krill oil as an alternative? No fishy aftertaste, a faster absorption rate, and an antioxidant boost at the same time. Krill oil is a supplement that everyone is talking about, but again, the market is flooded with such products.

To help you make sense of which supplement to go for, we’ve reviewed one of the most popular on the market – KrillMD (formerly 1MD Antarctic Krill Oil Platinum).

1MD Krill Oil FAQ’s

Who is 1MD?

1MD is the company behind KrillMD (Formerly Antarctic Krill Oil Platinum).

What is the best way to take 1MD krill oil?

For adults, it’s best to take two capsules daily with an eight ounce glass of water. It’s best taken with food (not on an empty stomach).

Can you take 1MD’s krill oil with other medications?

Take caution when using in conjunction with blood thinning medications as krill oil is a blood thinner. Here is a list of other medications to avoid:

– Estrogens (birth control and hormone replacement)
– Aspirin
– Warfarin
– Beta blockers
– Diuretics

As always consult your doctor before trying anything new.

Where does 1MD get its krill oil from?

1MD harvests its krill oil from the antarctic ocean. This is one of the purest forms of krill oil.

How many mg of krill oil does it contain?

1600mg. This is one of the highest available in the market.

Are there any complaints?

Some customers mention poor quality control and a strong smell. In certain cases the capsules have broken in transit.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, the product comes with a full 90 day money back guarantee if purchased from an authorised seller (see below) and the request to refund is communicated to 1MD. The cost of shipping is not refunded.

What to Consider Before Buying 1MD Antarctic Krill Oil Platinum

Before you take the plunge, it’s important to really understand what krill oil is and what it does for you. We should mention that krill oil is more expensive than regular fish oil.

The reason for this is because krill oil isn’t extracted from a fish, it comes from a very small crustacean, the favourite food of whales, seals, and other marine mammals.

Because of the small size and the fact that this particular type of krill lives in Antarctic waters, the harvesting process is more difficult. This drives the price up. There are great benefits however, so that’s something to weigh up.

The main advantages of taking krill oil are:

  • No fishy after-taste, which is a common occurrence with regular fish oil capsules
  • Krill oil naturally contains a powerful antioxidant, called astaxanthin, which fish oil doesn’t
  • Smaller capsules are therefore easier to swallow
  • Krill oil is thought to be absorbed into the body much easier, because its structure is through a phospholipid, which is generally taken into the blood stream faster
  • Ideal for overall health and wellbeing, and a great source of omega 3 fats, which are vital for brain function, joint health, and a myriad of other benefits, including heart health and lowering of cholesterol
  • Ideal for those who don’t particularly eat fish as part of their diet, and may therefore be lacking in essential omega 3 fats

Anyone thinking about taking any type of supplement should talk to their doctor first. Whilst there aren’t thought to be any major side effects or contraindications to krill oil, it’s still a relatively new supplement.

CAUTION: Anyone taking blood thinning medications should seek help from their doctor before taking krill oil, and anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding should also ask before considering krill oil consumption of any kind.

Before you decide to purchase a krill oil product, you should look for the following:

  • Price
  • Size of the pack – this dictates how long each pack will last, and therefore influences how cost effective it is
  • How much pure krill oil is contained within the product
  • How much astaxanthin is contained within the product
  • The amount of DHA and EPA (the two main omega 3 fats we need in our bodies) are contained within the product
  • Whether there are any flavourings to the capsules, to make them more pleasant to take

All in all, 1MD Krill Oil Platinum ticks all of the boxes, but let’s explore in a bit more detail, to help you make your choice.

1MD Krill Oil (KrillMD)

1MD Krill Oil Platinum (now KrillMD) is one of the most popular krill oil supplements on the market, and as a result it is one of the more expensive choices. In our opinion, the higher price is well worth the additional benefits.

This product is derived from Antarctic krill oil, which is one of the purest around, and it contains a huge 1600mg serving per supplement. That means you’re getting a lot of benefit from just taking a supplement every day, and perhaps enough to protect your heart, alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle.

KrillMD supplement facts

In addition, the product also contains a very large dose of astaxanthin (2mg). This is more than most other similar krill oil supplements in the market.

Important things to consider

Krill oil is thought to be suitable for most people, but as we mentioned before, have a chat with your doctor before you start taking any type of supplement as there may be side effects.

There hasn’t been any conclusion on whether krill oil is suitable during pregnancy, so this is something to speak to your doctor about first, and there is also a suggestion that krill oil could slow down blood clotting, so if you’re on any blood thinning medications, or you’re about to have surgery in the near future, again, chat with your doctor beforehand.

Another point of warning is regarding blood pressure. A very rare adverse event is thought to be the effect of krill oil on blood pressure readings, so if you’re concerned about yours, or you’re on any medications for this, again it’s a trip to your doctor’s office.

Overall however, let’s look at the main pros and cons of choosing 1MD Krill Oil Platinum:


  • The product contains a large dose of pure krill oil, at 1600mg
  • Fast absorption rate, as the product has a Multi-Stage Oil Extraction technology contained within it
  • A high amount of astaxanthin contained within the product
  • Contains EPA and DHA omega 3s, required for health
  • Lemon coated for a pleasant taste


  • The pros actually drive the price up, so it is one of the more expensive krill oil products
  • Only 60 capsules in a pack. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day so you will need to re-buy every month, again costing extra money

The Features And Benefits of 1MD Krill Oil Platinum

In order to really decide whether this product is for your or not, you need to think about the main benefits and features it contains. Yes, it’s a more expensive product, but when you see the content of each supplement, you’ll perhaps understand why.

Large Dosage of Pure Krill Oil

1MD Krill Oil Platinum actually contains one of the largest doses of krill oil in a supplement on the market. That means you’re getting a lot of benefit. Each serving contains 1600mg of pure krill oil, from Antarctic krill, which is thought to be the purest and most effective type.

Antarctic krill is a very sustainable choice, because there is plenty of it, and whilst this is quite a new alternative to regular fish oil, the extra benefits really place it one step ahead.

It really is quite obvious why pure krill oil is vital, because you’re not getting added nasties and everything is as healthy and natural as it can possibly be.

Alongside this, many similar products don’t contain the same large dose, so you’re possibly paying less for other brands, but you’re not getting the same level of quality. You get what you pay for sometimes.

Contains Both DHA and EPA Omega 3s

DHA and EPA are the two main omega 3 fats we need in our diet for overall health and wellbeing. These are naturally occurring in many foods, but mostly and more abundantly in fish.

Having said that, the same can be said for krill, but you’re not getting that fishy after-taste that comes with regular fish oil capsules.

1MD Krill Oil Platinum contains both of these omega 3s in high amounts, so just one serving really does give you the amount of nutrients you need, without having to eat fish, if you don’t particularly like it.

High Astaxanthin Dose Within Each Supplement

Astaxanthin is a very powerful antioxidant which is vital for protecting the body’s cells against damage from free radicals. In addition, antioxidants are vital for the immune system, as well as having anti-aging properties too. If you take regular fish oil, you don’t get any antioxidant content, if you take krill oil, you get astaxanthin as a free 2 for 1 deal!

The difference with this product and others is that 1MD Krill Oil Platinum has one of the largest doses of astaxanthin within a krill oil supplement on the market. For each capsule you’re getting 2mg, which is double what most supplements contain. More benefit for you!

Contains Absorption Technology to Make it Work Faster

Krill oil is thought to be easier to digest and absorb into the body, compared to fish oil, because its structure is a phospholipid, whereas fish oil is a triglyceride. The quicker absorption means you reap the benefits faster. 1MD Krill Oil Platinum contains a form of technology which boosts this process even further, to ensure that the nutrients you need are delivered as quickly as possible.

Lemon Coated Capsules, Without The Fishy After-Taste

We’ve mentioned that fish oil tastes rather fishy, and it can sometimes cause you to belch after taking it, which brings the whole fish thing back once more. Not pleasant, you’ll agree. Krill oil doesn’t have this issue at all, but 1MD Krill Oil Platinum takes this one step further by adding a lemon flavour to its supplements, so you get a pleasant taste with every serving.

It might not have any major benefit to the body, but it certainly makes the effort of taking a supplement more bearable!

1MD Krill Oil Platinum Reviews

We’ve mentioned that you should read reviews before you purchase any supplement, but we know you’re busy, so we’ve done the checking for you. Having scoured the Internet for reviews on this product, they were hands down very positive, with 50% five star reviews. The main points of note include:

  • Users mentioned that the supplements are very easy to take and contain no unpleasant after-taste
  • Many users mentioned that the noticed their memory function had improved after taking the supplements for a while
  • Most users mentioned the price, but also stated that they didn’t mind paying it because the results were so beneficial

The main point mentioned was the price. We’ve already said that this is a more expensive product, but most users agreed with the ‘you get what you pay for’ adage.

Here are a few reviews from customers:

1md krill oil customer review 5 star
5 star review from customer
1md krill oil customer review 3 star
3 star review from customer

Alternatives to 1MD Krill Oil Platinum

The interests of fairness, and making an informed decision, we should mention that there are some great alternatives to 1MD Krill Oil Platinum, and most of them have a lower price tag. Three great choices include:

  • Viva Natural Premium Antarctic Krill Oil
  • Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil
  • Neptune Krill Oil

1. Viva Natural Premium Antarctic Krill Oil

This is actually one of the very few products which has a higher amount of krill oil per serving, at 1250 mg, but the downside is that it will give you less astaxanthin, at 1.6 mg per serving. That’s still a great amount however, and more than most other supplements will give you.

2. Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil

The second option is Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil, which has a 1000mg of pure krill oil per serving, but less astaxanthin. There are 120 soft gels within each pack, but you do need to take two for a serving, which basically makes it look like you’re getting a great deal when you’re actually not. The price is however lower.

3. Neptune Krill Oil

Finally, we have Neptune Krill Oil. If you’re on a budget, this is a great option, and one which still has fantastic benefits. You are still getting 1000mg of pure krill oil, but you’re paying more for it. Yes, the astaxanthin amount isn’t as high as some options, but it’s still there, and will give you benefits regardless.


Ensuring our overall health and wellbeing is vital if we want to live long and happy lives. Omega 3 fats are an integral part of this and if you’re not the world biggest fish lover, it can be hard to get enough nutrients from other sources. Fish oils have long been the answer to that problem, but krill oil has a wealth of benefits that could be a fantastic alternative.

1MD Krill Oil Platinum is a great answer to this dilemma because it has a high amount of pure krill oil within it, but it also has a very high amount of the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin within it too.

If you’re sold on 1MD Krill Oil Platinum, click here to get the best price as of May 2020.

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