The Top 5 Krill Oil Supplements With High Omega 3 Content

When you decide to take a supplement of any kind, you’re faced with a huge choice in terms of which one to go for. A supplement is not just a supplement it is a marketing and purchasing choice, and your decision has to come down to many different factors. If you’re thinking about incorporating krill oil into your routine, you need to find the best krill oil brand for your needs, and your budget.

What is Krill Oil?

If you’re not exactly sure what krill oil is, but you’ve been told you should be thinking about taking it, you really need to do some research at this point. Don’t worry however, we’ll tell you all you need to know, and then you can set off deciding upon the best krill oil product for you.

Krill oil is basically an alternative to fish oil. You’ll probably know that fish oil is a great source of omega 3 healthy fats, and these are vital for overall health and wellbeing. Fish oil is derived from the oil of fatty/oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, to name just two. This oil is then placed inside a capsule, and you take it to give you your amount of omega 3 required for good health.

The downside is that fish oil capsules are usually quite large, and therefore difficult to swallow for some people, or even digest, and that they can sometimes leave behind a rather unpleasant fishy-taste, especially if they ‘repeat back’ on you soon after taking them.

The plus point and difference with krill oil is that it isn’t derived from fish. Krill oil is taken from a small crustacean, called krill.

These are the main food source of many different marine mammals, such as seals, whales, and penguins. Because there is no actual fish in krill oil per se, you don’t get that fishy after-taste, which is a plus point for many people. The capsules are also usually smaller, and easier to take.

The difference between the two is that studies have suggested krill oil is easier for the body to digest and absorb.

The reason is that the oil is structured in phospholipids, whereas fish oil is as triglycerides.

The former is thought to be easier to digest and phospholipids form the membrane of the cells, and therefore the omega 3 can be absorbed faster by the intestinal cells of the body.

What Are the Benefits of Krill Oil?

Now you know what krill oil is, before you try and decide upon the best krill oil brand for you, you need to know about the benefits which could come your way. Remember, more studies are required into the effectiveness of krill oil, and the exact extent of benefit for the body, but studies have been very positive so far.

The main benefits of krill oil are:

  • Increased brain function
  • Decrease in inflammation within the body
  • Can help with joint pain conditions, such as arthritis
  • May help with period pains and PMT symptoms in women
  • May help with visual health and development
  • A great source of healthy omega 3 acids
  • May contribute towards a healthy heart, due to the lowering of bad cholesterol
  • May help to reduce depression symptoms
  • Contains a powerful antioxidant within it, called astaxanthin

The 5 Best Krill Oil Supplements of 2018

The market is literally flooded with different fish oil supplements and krill oil supplements. When comparing the two, you will find that krill oil is a little more expensive, and not so easily available as fish oil, but there are many top quality krill oil products out there. These are five of the best.

1. Editors Choice: 1MD Antarctic Krill Oil Platinum

1md krill oil platinum

Without a doubt, the 1MD Antarctic Krill Oil Platinum supplement is our number one choice. Ideal for anyone who suffers from arthritis or joint pain in general, this is the best krill oil in that regard, and has 1600mg of pure krill oil within each serving.

Of course, there is also the powerful antioxidant, astaxanthin, within it, to give you a boost of overall health and wellbeing, as well as more energy overall. This product also contains 2mg of the antioxidant which is more than many of the other best krill oil brand products around.

There are no artificial ingredients or synthetic additions to this supplement, and it is completely natural. The pack contains 60 supplements, which is more than enough to keep you going, and each capsule has a lemon taste, to make the whole procedure much more pleasant to the palate. Overall, this is a great product for anyone who has joint pain issues and wants to obtain the benefits of krill oil in general.

You can find the best price as of May 2020 via the 1MD website here.

2. Antarctic Krill Oil by Bronson

 Antarctic Krill Oil by Bronson is our runner up product, and is a low priced option for anyone on a budget. Again, there are 60 servings within the pack (two capsules equals a serving), and they are in the form of a ‘soft gel’ capsule, so they are easy to swallow and digest.

Each serving contains 1000 mg of pure krill oil, as well as 200 mcg of astaxanthin. This is less the amount of our winning product, but it is still a good amount for an omega 3 oil supplement product. You’re basically getting double benefit no matter what.

The supplement also contains 120 mg of EPA, and 80 mg of DHA, the two important omega 3 fatty acids you need for overall health and wellbeing.

In general, this is a good quality krill oil product, and the price is also very pleasing, compared to some other higher priced products which are similar in quality.

You can find this supplement via Amazon here.

3. Neptune Krill Oil

Neptune Krill Oil is a great all-rounded best krill oil brand product, and one which gives you all the scientific benefits of this supplement.

Within the capsule you get a hefty 1000 mg of pure and fresh krill oil, with a good quality amount of both EPA and DHA within that. In addition, you get another 750 mcg of astaxanthin for those antioxidant benefits too.

The main thing which sets this product apart is the brand. This is certainly one of the best krill oil brand names around, because Neptune have done a lot of the actual scientific research into krill oil in general, and funding much of the studies which have pushed krill oil to the fore.

For this reason, you get peace of mind that the product you’re choosing is high quality, and in alignment with the studies that have taken place so far.

You can find this krill oil supplement on Amazon here.

4. Viva Naturals Krill Oil

 Very similar to the Neptune product we’ve just mentioned, but not within the same brand name, Viva Naturals Krill Oil gives you all the benefits you can expect to obtain from a supplement, but at a very fair price too.

We know that krill oil is actually more expensive than regular fish oil, but the price not his one isn’t sky high regardless of that fact.

One serving of this particular best krill oil product is two soft-gels, so you can choose whether you take the full serving or half, that’s a personal choice. Within one serving you are getting 1250 mg of pure krill oil, which is actually higher than some of the other similar products on our list.

Within that you get a good dose of EPA and DHA, as well as astaxanthin, for those extra benefits to come your way. Obviously, if you choose to take just one soft gel, you’re getting half the benefit.

You an purchase it on Amazon here.

5. Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil

Our final choice is still a top product you should consider on your krill oil shortlist. Within this product, you get 1200mg of pure krill oil, with nothing false added in.

You will need to take two capsules to make up one serving, so again, just like the Vivas Naturals Krill Oil we just talked about, if you choose to take one capsule, you’re getting half the benefit, and you’ll need to divide the numbers by two.

The main downside of this product, and the reason it has scored slightly less than our other choices is that you get less astaxanthin with this option. You have to weigh up krill oil versus astaxanthin in this regard, but you are only getting 0.11mg per serving (two capsules) which isn’t the greatest amount.

Despite that, Jarrow Formulas Krill Oil has a great krill oil content, and it is very well received by previous customers, so deserves its place on our list.

You can purchase this supplement here.

Choosing The Right Krill Oil Supplement For You

Now we have reviewed five of the best supplements on the market, it’s down to you to make your final choice. Of course, there are other choices out there, and it’s really about shipping around and finding the best option for your needs.

The best krill oil brand for you is a personal choice, and you should weigh up all choices. Do you want a high astaxanthin content, or is that not something which is too important to you, and you’re more concerned about the actual krill oil content?

Some people want an all-rounder product, and in that case, you need to look at the content of both. This means you’ll pay more, but you’ll get greater health benefits, so it really works out to be cost effective in the end.

It’s important to do your homework and read reviews before you make a decision on any product. The health supplement world isn’t really that well regulated in terms of everything being uniform.

You will have seen from our top five choices that serving sizes vary, and that’s the case across the board. There are also differences in when you take them, how you take them, etc. For that reason, read reviews and read product listings to find out which suits your lifestyle and needs better.

Krill Oil Warnings

There hasn’t been a huge amount of research gone into whether krill oil has any major side effects, but there are some suggestions that you should be careful if you suffer from certain conditions. The side effects are really the same as fish oil, i.e. possible stomach upsets, bloating, diarrhoea, gas, a fishy after-taste (more so with fish oil than krill oil), and a change in appetite.

It’s important to always speak to your doctor before you begin taking any supplements of any kinds, to ensure there are no contraindications for you to do so. For instance, in some very rare cases, krill oil may affect blood pressure, and therefore if you have any blood pressure issues then you should check the out with your doctor beforehand.

Studies have also shown that krill oil may affect blood clotting mechanisms within the body, so if you are taking any medications to thin the blood, you should talk to your doctor beforehand. The same goes for if you’re expecting to have surgery in the near future, and you should stop taking your supplements at least two weeks before, and possibly earlier – again, speak to your doctor for firm advice in your case.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, again, you need to speak to your doctor. Not enough research has gone into whether krill oil is safe to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and further studies need to occur before a firm answer comes our way.

Summing up

Overall, before you begin taking any supplement, you need to check things out with your doctor and you need to shop around. The market is drenched with various products, and finding the best krill oil for your needs takes time and effort. It is more than worth the process however, as the fantastic benefits of krill oil, and indeed omega 3s in general, are worth taking the time over.

Because krill oil is more expensive, due to a more complicated harvesting process, shopping around in terms of budget is even more important than before. The good news is that there are some competitively priced, high quality supplements out there.

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