4 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight and Burn Fat

Unless you’re a fan of going to the gym or a CrossFit believer, the idea of working out to lose weight is truly unappealing.

However, we can’t ignore the science telling us that 2.8 million adults are dying annually on a global scale, directly due to being obese. If you’re one of the people who put losing weight on their new year’s resolution (same) for every single year in the past decade (same here), but you haven’t been achieving much, it’s time to try something different. 

Read on for the top four lazy ways to lose weight without exerting (almost) any effort at all. Just a few simple tweaks, and you’ll be shedding pounds before you know it. 

1. Lazy Ways to Lose Weight 101: Invest in Your Spices

If all you have in your spice pantry is salt and black pepper, we’re here to change your mind. 

A mix of spices won’t only elevate any dish you make, but it will also a great weight-loss trick. Interestingly enough, a study has found that people who ate bland food in comparison to an aromatic dish.  It’s a simple way to trick your senses that you’re indulging in something rich, without actually eating fatty foods or dishes that are high in calories. 

Moreover, if you’re unfamiliar with how to use peptides to lose weight, you should definitely check out this article as soon as possible. 

2. Highlight Healthy Food and Hide Unhealthy Snacks

Sometimes, we don’t l like admitting how similar our brain functions are to our ancestors when it comes to habit formation. What we see is what we do, so what we see is what we eat. 

You’ll find that more people are likely to overeat small treats that are placed in transparent packages. So, you can reverse this hack by hiding away your guilty pleasures in hard-to-reach spots, and emphasize the healthy stuff by placing it front-and-center. 

Besides, you can pick the nuclear option and remove your snacks from your weekly grocery list.

3. Use Smaller Plates

Another mental hack you can implement is eating on smaller plates. In the U.S., we’re kind of infamous for our huge portion sizes. Thus, instead of forcing yourself to portion-control every time you’re eating anything, you can simply use smaller plates.

This will automatically force you to eat fewer calories, and your mind will trick your stomach into feeling full, as all you’ll see is a full plate that’s been emptied. 

4. When in Doubt Chew Gum

This is a perfect habit-cracking way of easing you off excessive snacking and curbing your appetite away from food. 

Just chew gum. You can go for flavorful ones, but make sure that they’re sugar-free. This will take your mind off food completely, and stop your cravings cold in their tracks. 

Ready to Lose Some Weight?

Trying to do too much is one of the core reasons behind people forgetting about their new year’s resolutions by the time March comes by. 

However, by slowly implementing the top four lazy ways to lose weight, you won’t even notice as you’re shedding pounds as easily as you please. It’s all about improving by 1% every single day, and you’ll surprise yourself in a year’s time with the sheer amount of improvement.

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Josh is a health and fitness enthusiast. With a unique focus on weight loss and exercise, Josh is an advocate of functional fitness training for living a healthier and happier life.

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