LeptiBurn: A Comprehensive Guide

The Complete Guide to LeptiBurn

Regardless of your age, gender, your fitness levels, or even your size, everyone has that little voice in the back of their heads that tells you to shave a few pounds off before beach season. Some people’s inside voices are louder and request more than just a few pounds.

While that voice is completely unwarranted and does not know what the hell it is talking about it, gaining and maintaining a healthy weight is important for a well balanced lifestyle. To achieve this you will need plenty of exercise, healthy eating (with a few well deserved cheat days), and great supplements help progress your weight loss.

Here we are going to look into one such weight loss supplement, LeptiBurn by Biotrust.

Things to Consider before buying Weight Loss Supplements

Before we go any further, it is very important that you consult your doctor before looking into any weight loss supplement products.

Any product that can help you gain or lose weight contain a great many ingredients to help the process along.

By consulting with your doctor, you will be well informed about how well this product will work for your body chemistry. It is always best to be aware of what is entering your body.

That being said, these products are to be used in collaboration with a healthy nutritional diet and plenty of exercise. Using leptin supplements alone will only have a minimal effect towards your goal if you are not putting the work in elsewhere too.  

So make sure that you are helping them out as much as they intend to help you.

I hope that I am not the only person who puts in the time and effort to finding the highest volume of a product for the cheapest price possible. Not to worry, you are in good company.

When looking around for supplements of any kind, make sure that no matter the price of the bottle, you are getting the best value for money. These products are notoriously not cheap. So whatever you are looking at go the extra length to make sure it is the best product for you.

Work with your health care professional to figure out what is best for you and commit to the product process. You will not regret it.

Leptiburn by BioTrust

This is LeptiBurn by BioTrust. An accelerant leptin supplement that is a consistent aid in your fast loss journey.

What immediately caught our eye, we are sure that it caught yours too, is that this supplement is constructed to be almost stimulant-free. The only ingredient that can be defined as a stimulant is the green tea leaf. Which is perfect for people who want to lose weight, but don’t want to gain any of the jittery side effects offered through lesser products.

With that little green tea extract worked in there to help stoke up your metabolic system whilst leptin levels are high. Essentially working up the energy levels of your body to help boost leptin distribution.

The LeptiBurn product works in unison with a healthy diet and daily exercise. Optimal usage needs you to take two capsules with breakfast and two capsules with lunch, which is pretty non-intrusive to your daily schedule.


  • All of the four main ingredients are clearly labelled on the side of the bottle along with their amount. Yes, four ingredients. We will get to those in a sec.
  • LeptiBurn is scientifically designed to work with your body’s fat-burning hormones and fights against metabolic adaptations which leads to weight-loss plateaus and weight rebounds.
  • Backed by 3 scientific studies, conducted at the University of Tampa.


  • LeptiBurn is not suitable for vegans
  • Though packaging says that it does not contain a stimulant, green tea has a significant caffeine content.
  • Will not work without constant exercise and a decisive healthy diet.

Features & Benefits

When speaking about the specific features and benefits that come from using LeptiBurn by BioTrust as your weight loss supplement, there can be only one place to turn to. The ingredients.

Anyone will tell you that you need to be aware of what you put in your body and how it affects you. These days, weight loss supplement bottles started to become open books, describing everything that is put in them to help you achieve your goals.

But not every company puts their ingredients into plain English, and leave it up to you to do the leg work. Incorporating crazy scientific jargon words, guessing we understand it all even a little.
Below, we have taken the liberty of researching, listing, and explaining what these ingredients are and what they do.

Ingredients Simplified

Earlier, we said that we would go into detail on the four main ingredients of the LeptiBurn for you. Rather than listing them and leaving you to guess at what these things even are, we are going to go into detail on what these ingredients are behind their scientific names, and what they bring to the mix.

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract

Here we are not going to insult you. Green tea leaf extract is just green tea concentrate. We all know and love green tea. However we will talk about why this ingredient is incorporated here.

That slight kick of caffeine and the plentiful amounts of the tea’s nutritional properties adds extra fuel to your metabolic system. Helps naturally burn fat faster. This ingredient is super concentrated and 100% natural.

  • IGOB131

Irvingia gabonensis extract (IGOB131), simply put, is the concentrated extract of a West African Mango seed.

Easy, right? Don’t you wish that company’s just say mango seed.

This ingredient is proven to show an increase in the natural burning of calories and lowers cholesterol. It has also been shown to increase leptin sensitivity, a hormone for energy expenditure. As this is detailed as the second highest concentrated amount in the mix, you know that you are getting a great boost to your body’s calorie burning and leptin increase.

  • Aframomum Melegueta

Aframomum Melegueta is a West African herb used to season food. It comes from the same family that ginger comes from, and packs a similar punch.

The highest performer in the LeptiBurn product for burning calories is the Aframomum. It really enhances that element of weight loss and helps you to attain your goal faster.

  • 5-HTP

This sounds the most ominous out of the four main ingredients, but it definitely earns its place here. The 5-HTP ingredient is a naturally occuring amino acid.

It increase your serotonin levels which work brilliantly in combination with leptin to let your brain know that you are full and content with your food intake of the day. No more threats of crave or mood eating whilst with the LeptiBurn which is a plus to aiding a healthy weight loss balance.

Does it Really Work?

All of these naturally sourced and organic acting ingredients come together to help you burn calories and lose a hell of a lot of weight fast. And, as all of the ingredients are natural, there are little to no side effects of this supplement.

As long as you keep up your daily exercise and healthy eating then you have no problem here.

A lot of people claim to have found positive results within 6 weeks, others in 4 months. Obviously these results are subjective to whoever is using the supplements, but knowing that weight loss is attainable with organic ingredients is a real bonus.

LeptiBurn also works to keep at bay, even diminish, weight loss plateaus. These plateaus start to slow down your metabolism rate whilst you are well into losing weight. Like riding a bike up to the middle of a hill, it gets harder and harder to keep pushing.

The ingredients in the LeptiBurn work to counteract that element of weight loss and also helps defend against rebound weight gain.

What Certified Customers Have to Say

Seeing as though the LeptiBurn is a slow-burn product, something that unfolds and shows progress over time, we thought that it would help to see what other people have to say.  

Better hearing more from people well on their way to working th through their programs. Dedicated to the work of exercise, an effort toward healthy nutrition, and a double dosage of LeptiBurn a day. Let’s take a look at what they have to say;


If are you not in the market for these kinds of supplements – stimulant-free, pro metabolic enacting supplements – there are plenty of alternatives that bring similar results. Check out a couple of supplements that we feel match up to the LeptiBurn brand in their ability to help shape your weight control.

#1 MD.LIFE Lepticore

The MD.Life formula works in a similar way to LeptiBurn in that it’s main focus is to promote  leptin sensitivity for better hunger control. Which we can all agree is the best part about the LeptiBurn capsules.


  • Helps to boost your metabolism for losing weight.
  • Rich in antioxidants that promote heavy calorie burning and weight lose.
  • Boasts to help decrease triglyceride levels.


  • Comes in a smaller bottle to the LeptiBurn. So buying in stock is the only decent option to keeping up the programme.
  • Is not designed with the same wealth of natural ingredients.

#2 Force Factor LeanFire XT

Here we present the Force Factor LeanFire XT. Other than coming in a bottle that looks as though a body builder designed it, this product uses a similar concentration of green tea leaf extract. Helping you lose weight with an all natural ingredient.

The LeanFire works more for the avid gym attendee. With all weight loss supplements you should be getting in plenty of exercise, but this product is different. A caffeine kick and ingredients to help tone as well as lose weight add to this factor.


  • The LeanFire also has a jitter-reduction aspect worked into the formula. Called Thermovigilance, this ingredient helps to give you a smooth caffeine high, without the unpleasant crash that comes later.
  • Plays host to at least four caffeine inducing, jitter-free stimulants. Including Verilean, L-Theanine, Yohimbine, and Teacrine


  • Though we are told that these ingredients are in fact jitter-free, there are perhaps too many of them in this supplement. If you are not working toward washboard abs, this is probably not the best product for you.

BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Does exactly what it says on the label, and nothing but. The Burn-XT product is here to help you burn off as much weight as possible. The design of the product brings together highly effective fat burning ingredients, an increase in your energy levels and your focus, and to help suppress appetite.


  • The ingredients are designed to help boost your energy levels, burn fat, maintain muscle mass, and to enhance cognitive function.
  • BurnXT is packed with enough stimulants to get you burning all the way through your workout with ease.


  • Again, this seems to be more for people who want to get jacked instead of losing weight. It is more for the maintenance of weight loss.


From looking at the LeptiBurn by BioTrust, all that it has to offer the consumer, and at a few of the alternative options that are available on the market, we feel that the LeptiBurn still comes out on top.

Having been designed with all natural ingredients and working serotonin and leptin levels without any side-effects is a brilliant feat coming from a weight loss supplement. Many others available pack in a lot of stimulants to help the process along, but bring fatigue and jitters to the table.

The little to no traces of stimulants used in the makeup of the capsules just doubles the appeal of these supplements over many others in a market dominated by people needing them for the gym.

Taking these capsules twice a day works with your diet as opposed to random times in the day.

Helping to keep that harsh voice inside your head away and to better shed the unwanted weight that you want to lose.

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