Living with Diabetes: 3 Treatments to Improve Your Life

Diabetes is a condition that affects around 6% of the British population and it can have a range of consequences that will require all manner of lifestyle adjustments. Some small and some large. 

Depending on the severity of your diagnosis the impact and changes you will need to make will vary. However, you do not need to let diabetes control your life. There are plenty of treatments available that can make living with diabetes manageable. 

Keep reading to learn the best treatments out there right now. 

Insulin Pumps Make Diabetic Living a Little Easier

If you are a Type 1 diabetes sufferer then looking into an insulin pump can certainly help make diabetic living a little easier. It removes the need for constant injections but replacing the needle with a pump that provides insulin boosts through the day and night. 

Pumps can be found in two forms:

  • Tethered Pumps
  • Patch Pumps

Pumps are available for free, providing you meet the criteria set by NICE. It doesn’t matter if you have pay for private GP healthcare of use the NHS, pumps are available for all. 

Islet Cell Transplant Helps Type 1 Diabetes Care Manageable

For those suffering from Type 1 diabetes, you can look to have an islet cell transplant to help you manage your condition. 

This process sees islet cells from a (deceased) donor’s pancreas inserted into the liver. This is a simple process performed under local anesthetic and has been proven to reduce the risk of severe hypos. Studies have shown patients have gone from having 23 or more hypos per year to less than one after a transplant.

Diet and Excercise Help Management of Type 2 Diabetes

It goes without saying that successful diabetes care will include some lifestyle changes. A proper diet and exercise regime can really help with the management of type 2 diabetes. 

In fact, there are many people who, after changing their lifestyle for one that follows a healthy diet and sensible exercise routine have been able to not just stop taking medication for their condition, but in some instances, even put diabetes into remission

Whatever your diagnosis, changing your lifestyle for the better is always a sound decision and the benefits you stand to gain will have an impact that goes beyond just helping with your diabetes. 

Living With Diabetes Means Change But It’s Not the End

It can be daunting to hear a doctor say you have diabetes, but it is important to understand that living with diabetes is not the same thing as it used to be. There are treatments and choices that can be made that can dramatically reduce the impact of the condition. 

If diabetes runs in your family, it is important to make sure you have a regular check-up with your GP. Early diagnosis is another key factor in successfully treating and beating diabetes. 

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