Natural Ways to Improve Hearing

Hearing loss used to be a feature of old age. It was considered natural for the function of this sense to decline with age. Find out why this is happening at this link. But today, more and more young people have problems with their ears. The reason for this is living or working in noisy environments, using technology (headphones or earbuds), and a poor lifestyle (low-quality diet and bad habits, too little rest, etc.).

Not every hearing problem is unsolvable. Sometimes it is enough to make small changes to notice a significant improvement. Indeed, the most important thing is to consider the factors that can influence the development of hearing issues, but also the life habits that you need to change.

For how to improve ear function naturally, you need to find out how these body parts function. The inner ear houses sensitive nerves that send signals to the brain when audio waves reach them. Your brain then translates these signals and turns them into sounds you hear. The more sensitive these nerve cells are, the better you hear. If anything goes wrong there, you might experience some hearing issues and get frustrated.

Vitamin Intake


There is a high possibility that an imbalance of nutritional values in the body can lead to hearing loss. Research has proven that vitamin A, magnesium, manganese, and zinc have the biggest impact on the proper functioning of the ears. Lack of any of these nutrients can lead to problems.

Vitamin A helps in the regeneration of auditory cells, especially if these damages occur due to excessive exposure to noise. This nutrient is best taken in the form of carotene, and the largest share of it is in carrots and tomatoes.

Sudden hearing loss can occur due to physical injury, viral infections, or a decline in immunity. Magnesium and zinc have been shown to help treat this condition. Due to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these nutrients protect against oxidative stress within the middle ear, making it easier to treat sudden hearing loss.

Middle ear problems can cause hearing issues but also dizziness and lightheadedness. It would be a good idea to take extra vitamin C to prevent these conditions. And you can also use vitamin E oil or cod liver oil to increase blood circulation in your inner ear. Vitamin E helps keep the nerve cells healthy and thus prevents internal ear damage and hearing loss. 

Focus on Mental Health

One of the best ways to improve ear functioning is through meditation. Meditation has been known to increase your mental focus and strengthen your mind. Recent studies show that regular meditation helps increase blood circulation in the ears and boosts brain activity related to hearing.

The brain plays an important role in processing the audio information that ears receive. Suppose you suffer from some mental issues, such as depression or anxiety. In that case, it is possible that your hearing will weaken without you even noticing. Few people actually associate mental problems with ear issues.

To help you cope with the problem of hearing loss, you need to learn how to meditate. You have to do that in silence, for at least 15 minutes every day. This activity is known to reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as decrease your heart rate. 

Spend Time in Nature

Walking has numerous health benefits, and improved hearing is just one of them. It helps to take a twenty-minute stroll every day. Brisk walking will loosen up your body and increase the blood circulation to your ears. Good circulation is essential for the health of the inner ear cells responsible for converting sound into electrical impulses.

You could go alone or take your dog. The thing is to be in silence while walking. Let your route be a place that is not too noisy, like a forest or a park outside the city center. The point is to be surrounded by the sounds of nature, without man-made noise.

Quit Smoking

Recent research suggests a direct link between nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarettes and the lack of oxygen needed for small cells in the ear to function. Nicotine causes tinnitus and irritates the mucous membrane of the middle ear, which interferes with neurotransmitters in the auditory nerve to properly transmit messages to the brain. Cutting this bad habit will contribute not only to better hearing but also to overall health.

Avoid Wearing Ear Buds

Listening to loud sounds for a long time can cause ear damage. And if you use some of the devices, like headphones or earbuds, that damage will be more significant. The risk is somewhat higher for earbuds as they send sound waves directly into your ear channel.

Headphones are not as close to the inner ear as earbuds are, so it can be said these are less harmful. But, if possible, avoid any of these when listening to music. By doing this, you will reduce the chances of damaging your inner ear and prevent hearing loss.

Consider Hearing Aids

People will tell you that it is a waste of money to buy all those hearing aids when you can do things naturally. Sure, that is true, and you should always try to fix things naturally. But what if nothing of mentioned things can help? If you do some online research, you can find a hearing aid under $100 that will help you hear better. These devices are handy, discreet, and can be of great help.

Of the five senses, as many as one has, none can stand out. They actually work in harmony, and only when they are all functional can you fully enjoy the world surrounding you. If one of them weakens, your perception changes significantly. When you experience hearing issues, you can get frustrated. But it’s good to know that many of them are easy to solve, just by establishing some good habits.

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