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Nucific Bio-X4
Nucific BIO X4 – Probiotic Supplement Review

Nucific BIO X4 – Is it worth the investment?

There are two very common complaints in this day and age – stomach problems and wanting to lose weight but finding it difficult.

Both are prevalent and both are difficult to deal with.

There are many products on the market which promise you help in both regards, but how reliable are they?

We live such stressful lives that it’s no wonder that most of experience stomach upsets to some degree.

Perhaps you regularly suffer from conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or inflammatory bowel disease, or maybe you simply notice bloating, excess gas, and discomfort on occasion.

These are a symptom of our busy lives, but it can also be down to diet and other problems too.

Stress doesn’t help, and this is one of the main reasons why so many people complain of stomach-related issues.

If you are nodding along to what we’ve just mentioned, you’re sure to be one of the many people who have considered taking a supplement to help with any issues you have.

Probiotic supplements are a very popular way to deal with stomach issues, and when taken on a regular basis, and when the most quality product is sourced, these can be extremely useful.

Probiotics are bacteria, but they are positive and helpful bacteria.

Our bodies naturally have good and bad bacteria within them, and this is necessary in order to have a balance.

When that balance is not in harmony, you are likely to experience disturbances and when these become chronic, e.g. over a long period of time, it can severely affect your quality of life.

A quality probiotic takes that problem away and creates harmony.

On the other side of the coin, we have the weight loss issue.

Stress doesn’t make weight loss very easy, and in some cases it can actually cause a weight gain, because of the increased cortisol racing around the body.

In some cases, a weight loss supplement is the way forward.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Probiotic & Weight Loss Supplement

The supplement world, no matter what type, is unregulated to a large degree.

This means you have to do your homework and read reviews, in order to find the most suitable supplement.

If you don’t do this, you could easily be wasting your hard-earned cash on a product which does nothing for you.

In addition, we need to reiterate the point we have just made – always speak to your doctor before you begin, to get the green light.

If you have any specific conditions or you’re on any medications, this is even more important.

There isn’t a huge amount of information to say that there are huge side effects or drawbacks to taking probiotics or weight loss supplements, but it is a largely unstudied area, and more research needs to be done in order to ascertain any specific side effects.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not take these supplements, and instead wait until a later time when you will be able to consider it.

Again, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that probiotics are dangerous in pregnancy, but there isn’t enough to say that they aren’t either.

It’s always better to be wait and air on the side of caution.

In general, look for the following when choosing a supplement:

  • The pack size and price of the product
  • How do you take the supplement, e.g. once per day, twice per day?
  • What strains are contained within it, and do they work well for your particular problems?
  • What is the CFU amount?
  • Does the product contain prebiotics as well?
  • What ingredients are contained within the product, and are you sensitive to any of them?
  • Reviews by previous users
  • Brand name

These are just a few areas you need to be wary of when it comes to choosing your correct product.

By being aware of these areas, you’re sure to make a better decision.


Nucific Bio-X4 in Review

Bio Pro X4 Weight Loss
Bio Pro X4 Weight Loss 4-in-1 Weight Management Probiotic Dietary Supplement

Nucific Bio-X4 is a probiotic and weight loss supplement, which not only claims to help with overall gut health and any specific stomach-related conditions, but it can also help to you to lose weight, thanks to the ingredients which boost fat burning and suppress the appetite.

There are a large number of ingredients within this supplement, so it’s important to check the label and make sure that you don’t have any specific sensitivities.

What the supplement does claim to do is to reduce hunger and control cravings, and therefore you’re far less likely to make unhealthy food choice and overeat when you’re not actually hungry.

This also boosts the metabolism and helps the fat burning switch to be firmly turned on.

As a result, you are more likely to lose weight from fat accumulation areas, e.g. the troubling spots around the middle which most people want to target but find difficult to actually lose weight from.

From the probiotic point of view, the supplement contains a CFU of 4 billion, which is within the range for regular gut health protection, but not really high enough for someone who has a targeted condition they want to affect.

Overall however, 4 billion is a fair amount and around the average figure.

The strains included are B. lactis, B animalis, L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, and L. planterum.

These are some of the most popular probiotic strains and ones which specifically target the smooth running of the gut and boosting the immune system at the same time.

From the weight loss ingredient point of view, this product contains digestive enzymes, which help work hand in hand with the probiotics, but also help the body to absorb the supplement too.

Green tea is included within the supplement, which is known to help reduce hunger and help to burn fat, as well as bromeliad (found in pineapple and effective for weight loss) and Slimaluma, which is a weight loss ingredient.

Again, check that you do not have any sensitivities, and always check with you doctor before using this type of supplement.

The serving is one per day, and can be taken at any time, although most users prefer to take it in the morning for the appetite suppressive effects to take hold as the day commences.

Who is The Product For? – Anyone who wants a regular gut health probiotic supplement, but also those who want to lose weight and maintain their regular weight at the same time.

Who is the Product Not For? – The CFU on this is on the lower end of normal, so it’s not ideal for anyone who suffers from a specific stomach complaint they want to target, e.g. IBS.

This product is also not for anyone who has any sensitivities to any of the ingredients, not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and anyone who has any medical conditions or is on any medications should always speak to their doctor before taking this supplement.

Pros of Nucific Bio-X4

  • Helps with general gut health, whilst also allowing you to get help with losing weight
  • Contains digestive enzymes, which help the probiotic to absorb
  • Contains some of the most popular probiotic ingredients, which are renowned for their gut health prowess
  • Easy to take, just one capsule per day
  • Helps to suppress the appetite and control cravings
  • Helps to burn fat, which can help you lose weight from the areas you want to lose it from

Cons of Nucific Bio-X4

  • A long list of ingredients makes it less suitable for a large number of people
  • A CFU of 4 billion is a good amount, but this product is therefore more suitable for those who want to focus on gut health maintenance, rather than helping with specific conditions, such as IBS
  • Most users state that they gained great probiotic benefit from this product, but that it didn’t give them a huge amount of weight loss help

Features & Benefits

The Nucific Bio-X4 is a dietary supplement which is both a probiotic and a weight loss aid rolled into one.

Whilst this product doesn’t contain prebiotic content, it does have digestive enzymes, which helps the body to absorb the supplement, and allows the ingredients to work much faster and more effectively.

A serving is one capsule per day, at a time of your choosing, however most people choose to take it first thing in the morning, to allow the cumulative effects to begin faster.

Whilst the jury is out on whether the weight loss benefits are large enough to be impressive, most users do mention that the probiotic effects are high quality, and with several quality strains included within one serving, the low CFU of 4 billion doesn’t really matter.

This is a good probiotic for those who want to focus on general gut health, rather than affecting a particular complaint they have, e.g. IBS.

Let’s look at a few of the main features and benefits of this product.

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Contains Five Quality Strains of Probiotics

This product contains L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. planterum, B. lactis, and B. animalis, which belong to the prevalent Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains of probitiocs.

Check out this video to see how these probiotics work within the body.

The CFU is 5 billion, which is towards the lower end of normal/average.

This is certainly enough for someone who wants general gut health maintenance, as we mentioned before.

The five strains included are some of the most popular for ironing out bloating and excess gas, including the smooth running of the digestive tract.

Therefore, this is a quality product for those who want to focus entirely on their gut.

Contains Digestive Enzymes

Whilst the product doesn’t contain prebiotic content, it does contain digestive enzymes, which help the body to break down the supplement, so it can get to work faster.

This helps on both the probiotic side, and the weight loss aid side, which we’ll talk about shortly.

Digestive enzymes also help you to extract nutrients from food much more easily, which is ideal for overall health and wellbeing, and helps to boost the immune system also.

Not all supplements contain digestive enzymes, so this is a good plus point for this product.

Helps to Boost Weight Loss Efforts

The other side of this supplement is that it can help with weight loss.

The reason for this is because the ingredient list helps to suppress the appetite and control hunger and cravings.

By doing this, weight is lost naturally.

In addition, the metabolism is affected, making it faster and therefore losing weight more easily.

The fat burning switch is therefore turned on, and you will probably lose weight from the areas you want to lose it from first, e.g. fat accumulations around the middle, etc.

This isn’t guaranteed however, and depends from person to person.

The supplement contains green tea extract, Slimaluma, and Bromeliad, to name just a few weight loss stimulants.

Again, check out this video to learn about how green tea extract in particular can help with weight loss.

Social Proof

Because there are so many supplements on the market, we scoured the Internet to help find some useful views.

This should help you decide whether this product is for you or not.

Generally speaking, most users were positive about the Nucific Bio-X4 from the probiotic point of view, but didn’t notice the greatest weight loss.

However, most did state that they noticed they weren’t as hungry and didn’t have as many cravings.

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Of course, you may choose not to go with Now Probiotics 10, or you might still be undecided.

That’s perfectly fine and in that case it’s worthwhile looking into alternatives, to help you make your choice.

The following are two high quality alternatives which could fit the bill for you.

  • Dr Bo’s Vegan Probiotics
  • Ora Organic Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder

Dr Bo’s Vegan Probiotics

Dr. Bo's Vegan Probiotics
Dr. Bo’s Vegan Probiotics for Women, Men and Kids

This particular product is ideal for those who really want to focus on gut health, because it contains 10 strains.

Whilst there is still the same lower CFU amount, at around 4.4 billion, the higher number of strains counteracts that to some degree.

This product is also ideal for anyone who is vegan, as it is completely suitable.

This product is different to Nucific Bio-X4 because – It focuses more on gut health than weight loss and is ideal for vegans.


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Ora Organic Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder

Ora Organic Probiotic
Ora Organic Probiotic Capsules with Prebiotics – Vegan Probiotic

This is another probiotic product, but one which also contains prebiotics, to really strengthen the power of the prebiotic content.

This is also a powder, which means you can add a serving to your morning smoothie or coffee and you don’t have to take capsules.

This is ideal for people who can’t swallow capsules too well.

With 6 probiotics strains, this CFU on this product is impressive, at 20 billion.

This product is different to Nucific Bio-X4 because – It has a higher CFU amount and is therefore ideal for those who want to focus on gut conditions.

It is also a powder and not a tablet.

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Ora Organic Probiotic & Prebiotic Powder on Amazon’s website



Overall, the Nucific Bio-X4 is a good choice for anyone who wants to benefit from general gut health, with a CFU of 4 billion and several high quality strains of probiotics.

The digestive enzyme content is also ideal for general gut health, but also to ensure the supplement is absorbed quickly.

On the weight loss side of things, the jury is out to some degree, but many users did notice less in the way of hunger and cravings.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Nucific Bio-X4, check it out today.

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