The 9 Best Probiotic Supplements in 2019 (Updated)

Best Probiotic Supplements
Best Probiotic Supplements on the Market

Best Probiotic Supplements

We all know that supplements are designed to give us health benefits which we struggle to find in our natural diets.

For instance, if you don’t eat enough fish, taking a fish oil capsule could help you, and if you can’t get enough probiotics in your natural diet, then taking a supplement is a good option.

Of course, you only have to search online or a browse around the aisles of a health store to know that there are countless different supplements on the market, and finding the right one for you can be difficult unless you know what to look for.

If you choose the wrong strain, you might not get the optimum benefits you’re looking for, and if you take it incorrectly, you might end up with undesirable side effects, such as diarrhoea or bloating.

Being careful in your choice is vital, and doing your research and reading reviews is one way to ensure that you make the right decision, both for your health, but also for your bank account – some products can be grossly overpriced and don’t give you a great amount of benefit.

Luckily, we’ve reviewed eight of the best probiotic supplements for the coming year, to help you make your final decision and look forward to the fantastic benefits which probiotics can bring to the table.


Best General Choice – Complete Probiotics Platinum by 1MD

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum
Our top rated probiotic in 2019

Complete Probiotics Platinum was made by pro gastroenterologist Dr David Kahana. Dr Kahana is a supporter of probiotics for improving patients stomach related prosperity.

He figured Complete Probiotics Platinum (with the assistance of 1MD) to address what he saw as the absence of value business probiotic supplements in the market.

Subsequent to banding together up with 1MD, Dr Kahana had the option to plan a fantastic probiotic supplement that would give the valuable microscopic organisms the most obvious opportunity with regards to getting to the internal organs and convey the best advantage.

This will be a not insignificant rundown, so lock in tight.

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum is an outright powerhouse probiotic item that truly covers practically all bases, so it’s no big surprise it’s among the best probiotic supplements available at this moment.

Price: Click here to check the price of the Complete Probiotics Platinum on 1MD’s website


Best General Choice 2 – Culturelle Daily Probiotic

This particular product is a very potent probiotic and if you struggle to get any amount of benefit from your diet, this is the one for you.

We’ve included this as a general choice, and a top option for adults.

Culturelle includes L. rhamnosus, which is one of the strongest strains around, and is ideal for anyone with digestive issues.

You simply take one capsule every day, and this is also a product suitable for vegetarians.

There are more than 10 billion live and active cultures in this probity choice and it also contains a prebiotic, namely Inulin, which gives the probiotics extra boosts of energy.

Users of this particular product all state great reviews and that they experienced less in the way of digestive system issues after taking it for a short while.


  • Contains a strong and potent probiotic and 10 billion live and active cultures
  • Also includes a potent prebiotic
  • Vegetarian capsule makes it more accessible for all
  • Reviews are very positive in terms of digestive system improvement
  • Simply take one per day


  • The price
  • If you have children, you will need to buy the child-friendly version of the same product

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Culturelle Daily Probiotic on Amazon’s website


Best For Women – Magna Vita Probiotic For Women

There are many advantages of taking probiotics which are specific to women, e.g. balancing out bacteria found within the female genetic tract, reducing UTIs and thrush infections, etc.

This particular probiotic contains several strains which are found naturally in the urinary tract and female genital tract.

There is also cranberry powder contained within the capsules, and you simply take one every single day.

Bloating, maintaining the right pH level within the vagina, thrush infections, and UTIs are all addressed and benefited by taking this probiotic.

Of course, you also get the regular benefits, such as increased digestive system health and reduced problems with diarrhoea, excess gas, etc.  

Women who have taken this probiotic all state that it is a great choice, and many have reported a drastic reduction in UTIs, when they used to suffer with them on a regular basis.


  • Simply take one per day
  • Contains strains which are specific to those found naturally within the female genital and urinary tracts
  • Helps to reduce UTIs, thrush infections and bloating, as well as general digestive system health
  • Great reviews


  • Obviously not suitable for men or children in your household

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Magna Vita Probiotic For Women on Amazon’s website


Best For Men – Garden of Life Dr Formulated Once Daily Men’s Shelf Stable Probiotics

This particular probiotic has gained fantastic reviews from men who have used it in the past, and it remains one of the best selling probiotics geared completely towards men.

You take this probiotic once per day and it contains two of the most important probiotic types, namely Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacteria.

These are vital for overall digestive and gut health.

This particular product has been developed specifically for men and their most common digestive issues, as well as supporting the colon area.

This Garden of Life product contains 50 billion probiotics and the pack contained 30 capsules, so it will last you a month before you need to purchase once more.

These are also free of dairy, gluten, soy, and they are vegetarian.


  • Fantastic reviews from men who have used this product in the past
  • Contains the most important types of probiotics for general digestive system health
  • Contains 50 billion probiotic cultures
  • Pack lasts for one month, so it is cost effective


  • Obviously only for men, so not cost effective if you have women or children in the house!

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Garden of Life Dr Formulated Once Daily Men’s Shelf Stable Probiotics  on Amazon’s website


Best For Kids – Culturelle Kids Regularity Probiotic & Fiber Supplement

We have already mentioned a Culturelle product as our best general choice, but this one is geared specifically towards children, especially children who have digestive system issues.

Reviewers are consistently impressed with this product, especially in terms of regularity, which can often a concern if your child suffers from constipation on a regular basis.

By taking this product, most reviewers state that their child’s habits returned to normal.

These are a powder contained within a packet which are mixed into either food or a drink.

The product contains L. rhamnosus, one of the most powerful probiotics for digestive health, as well as 3.5g dietary fiber for that regularity we talked about.

There is also a powerful prebiotic, Inulin, contained within the product, for an extra boost. Ideal for children  over one year of age, this product is also free of gluten, sugar, and dairy.


  • Easy to take and can be mixed into food or beverages
  • Contains a strong probiotic for digestive health, as well as fiber and a prebiotic
  • Suitable for children over one year of age
  • Free of additives, sugar, dairy, and gluten
  • Works as a probiotic and a regulator


  • Depending upon the situation, you may need to give your child more than one sachet throughout the day, which can make this an expensive product over time

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Culturelle Kids Regularity Probiotic & Fiber Supplement on Amazon’s website


Best Probiotic For Vegans – PRO45 – Clinical Grade Probiotic Formula

It can be difficult to find the perfect probiotic supplement if you are a vegan, because some might state they are suitable, but you need to read the labels to double check.

This particular product is safe for vegans and is free of any additives or nasties which you don’t want in your supplements.

Users of this particular product all rave about its effectiveness, and most admit to a big difference in their digestive system issues, specifically a reduction in bloating and constipation.

You simply take one capsule per day and these are delayed release in format, they will give you the benefit across the entire day.

There is also Nutraflora prebiotic contained within them, to maintain the health of the live probiotic cultures in the product.


  • Fine for vegans to use
  • No additives, preservatives or anything added in
  • Contains a prebiotic to maintain the health and lifespan and the live probiotics
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from constipation or bloating in particular
  • Once per day, delayed release capsules


  • Not the cheapest probiotic product on the market

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the PRO45 – Clinical Grade Probiotic Formula on Amazon’s website


Best Probiotic For Seniors – Renew Life Adult 50+ Probiotic

This particular probiotic product is an ideal choice for seniors as it contains Bifidobacterium which his thought to decrease as the aging process continues.

By taking this probiotic, you are putting back what you are potentially lacking, and therefore giving your health a boost.

Ideal for both men and women, there are 30 billion live and active cultures within this product, and it is aimed at people over 50 years of age.

There are 12 strains represented within the product, and the capsules are free of dairy, and gluten.

These are suitable for vegetarians, and you simply need to take one per day.


  • Ideal for people over 50 years of age, as it aims to replenish healthy bacteria that may be lost in the ageing process
  • 30 billion live and active cultures contained in just one capsule
  • Free of dairy and gluten, and suitable for vegetarians
  • Just take one capsule per day
  • Ideal for both men and women


  • Some users mentioned that it took a while for them to notice any benefit

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Renew Life Adult 50+ Probiotic on Amazon’s website


Best Probiotic For Immune System Function – Pure Encapsulations Probiotic GI

This particular probiotic has several functions, including gut health, but also to help boost your overall immunity and ensure you don’t fall foul of common colds and other illnesses quite so easily.

Containing several strains of probiotic which help with digestive system function, this product also aims to aid the function and overall development of something called lymphoid tissue.

When this is at its optimum health, immunity overall is far better than otherwise, as it is this tissue which helps to irradiate toxins and other allergens from the body.

This product is free of dairy and soy, and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

You simply take one supplement per day and wait for the positive effects to come your way!

Most users state that they felt much better in themselves after taking this product for a short while.


  • Helps not only with digestive system health but also with immunity
  • Free of dairy and soy
  • No need to keep in your refrigerator
  • Take one table daily


  • Again, it comes down to price. This isn’t the cheapest probiotic product on the market, but it is an effective one

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Pure Encapsulations Probiotic G.I. on Amazon’s website


Best Probiotic Powder Product – Hyperbiotics Organic Prebiotic Powder

Not a probiotic, but a prebiotic, this particular product will give you a major boost in the gut health region, and it is contained in a handy powder, rather than a capsule.

Prebiotics are as vital to your gut health as probiotics are, as they give probiotics the fuel in which to work, and support the general healthy balance of good versus bad bacteria in that region.

It can be very hard to get enough prebiotic content in your diet alone, so a supplement such as this is an ideal go-to.

You simply use one spoonful of the powder, mixed into a drink or your food, and you’re good to go.

The product is also free of any additives or preservatives, and doesn’t have any particular taste.


  • Prebiotics help to support probiotics and your general digestive system
  • Simply take one spoonful of the powder in your food or drink every day – very easy to take
  • Nothing added in, i.e. plant based and no additives or preservatives
  • Most users state they noticed a beneficial effect from taking this product


  • Not strictly a probiotic, but prebiotics also have a major influence on the state of your gut health

Best Price: Click here to check the price of the Hyperbiotics Organic Prebiotic Powder on Amazon’s website


Should You be Taking Probiotics?

If you haven’t started taking probiotics, or incorporating more probiotic content into your diet, you’re late to the table.

Probiotics have been around for the last few years and have certainly gained weight in the health and wellness field.

Whilst a lot more research needs to be done into how to take probiotics effective, the right time of day to take probiotics, and any side effects that we might not yet be aware of, the signs all point at this time to a lot of benefits, and not much in the way of downsides.

Before you begin taking any supplements, always remember to have a chat with your doctor.

Once you get the green light to go ahead, shop around for the right product for you, bearing in mind the choices we’ve mentioned throughout this article.

Always remember to read the label and follow instructions, as each product is taken slightly differently to any other.

Following specific instructions will ensure that you receive benefits, rather than side effects.

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