The Top 8 Probiotics for Anxiety and Depression

8 Probiotics for Anxiety and Depression

Probiotics have been shown to be useful for a variety of different health and wellness conditions and problems.

Whilst gut health and immune system function are certainly two of the most widely reported and beneficial, there are several others which should be explored too.

For instance, did you know that probiotics are also helpful for allergies, reducing the instances of urinary tract infections in women, as well as reducing yeast infections (thrush)?

Did you know that probiotics might help you to lose weight when used as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle? Did you know that even your skin might get a welcome boost from taking a regular probiotic?

Whilst we don’t have 100% concrete evidence in terms of how much benefit might come your way when taking a regular supplement, many studies have shown encouraging signs of a variety of different areas.

The supplement world in general is one which is somewhat of a mystery in many ways, but what we do know is that regular probiotics are useful for health and wellbeing.

Another area which could get a boost from taking a regular supplement of this kind is anxiety and mental health conditions.

A Note About Anxiety & Mental Health

You shouldn’t assume that taking a daily probiotic supplement is going to wave a magic wand and solve your anxiety or mental health problem.

What we are saying is that there are encouraging signs that taking a regular probiotic might help to improve such symptoms, and therefore reduce the severity of a condition.

Anyone who is dealing with a mental health issue, including anxiety, should speak to their doctor to diagnose and manage the problem, perhaps with medications or other therapies.

Taking a regular probiotic however may help with a variety of issues, including gut health and immune function, but also reduce symptoms and make it easier for you to overcome the problem too.

How Might Probiotics Help With Anxiety Conditions in Particular?

Within the body, there are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria.

There needs to be a balance between the two, in order to ensure smooth running of several systems, and to avoid illness from occurring.

This doesn’t only work hand in hand with the gut, although gut health is certainly the most common reason that people take probiotics.

There is some suggestion that when the bad bacteria begins to shift the balance, this can affect the body in a huge variety of ways, not only in terms of causing physical illness. This may also cause mood irregularities, including depression and anxiety.

Look at it this way, when your gut feels out of whack, you don’t feel wonderful in yourself either.

This could cause negative effects within your brain, which could trigger anxiety and stress, which could then lead you down the road towards depression. By righting this balance, you could help yourself and your mental health greatly.

There are specific strains which are more effective at helping with anxiety and mental health in particular, including L. helveticus and B. bifidum in particular.

These come from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium groups, with the L and B signifying which is which. In addition, taking a regular probiotic could help to reduce the stress hormone within your body, cortisol.

When you are stressed out, this hormone is higher within your system and can affect mood very easily. Reducing cortisol is key to reducing stress responses.

The 8 Best Probiotics For Anxiety And Mental Health Conditions

Before you start to take any probiotic supplement, or any supplement at all, you should speak to your doctor to ensure that you do not have any contraindications against taking them.

If you get the green light, it’s time to start searching the market for the ideal product.

The supplement market is flooded with products, which makes finding the ideal choice very difficult indeed. You should look towards the following factors:

  • Price
  • Pack size
  • Type of probiotic strain(s) within the product
  • CFU amount (colony forming units – indicating the power of the probiotic)
  • How to take the supplement, be it a tablet, capsule, or yogurt-style drink
  • How often to take the supplement
  • Reviews
  • Any known side effects

To help you further, we have reviewed 7 of the best probiotics for anxiety and mental health.

#1 Complete Probiotics Platinum by 1MD

1MD Complete Probiotics Platinum
Our top rated probiotic in 2019

The product Complete Probiotics Platinum by 1MD offer 11 individual strains with a diverse collective of good bacterias to promote optimal bacterial balance in the gut.

  • Bifidobacterium lactis 
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus 
  • Bifidobacterium longum 
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum 
  • Lactobacillus casei 
  • Lactobacillus plantarum 
  • Lactobacillus gasseri 
  • Lactobacillus salivarius 
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus 
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus 
  • Lactospore® (bacillus coagulans)™


  • Contains 11 robust and potent strains
  • Guarantees 51 billion live CFU
  • Vegan, on GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Preservative Free
  • NutraFlora Prebiotic Filter
  • Designed to resist stomach acid
  • Delivery of the probiotics to the intestinal tract

Price: Click here to check the price of the Compete Probiotics Platinum on 1MD’s website

#2 Essential Formulas, Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics
Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, Original Formula, 60 Capsules with Live Cultures by Essential Formulas

This particular probiotic is ideal for anyone who prefers to stick with natural products, rather than synthetic or mass produced.

Widely considered to be beneficial for anyone dealing with anxiety problems, this product contains 12 probiotic strains and has a CFU of 900 million.

In comparison with other products, this is quite low, but reviews are very positive indeed.

The pack size is 60, so you have enough for two months of use, and the natural ingredients include fruits and spring waters.

With a long shelf life, of up to three years, this is also a product you don’t have to worry about spoiling on the shelf.


  • Contains 12 probiotic strains
  • Has a three year shelf life
  • Contains completely natural products and nothing false
  • Reviews show benefits for those suffering with anxiety


  • Quite a high price compared to some other products
  • Low CFU amount

Price: Click here to check the price of the Essential Formulas, Dr Ohhira’s Probiotics on Amazon’s website


#3 Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic Supplement

by Earths Pearl Probiotics
Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic – More Effective Than Capsules – Advanced Digestive and Gut Health for Women, Men and Kids – Billions of Live Cultures

This supplement is considered an ideal option for anyone who regularly suffer from stress responses, leading to low mood and anxiety.

Helping to reduce the amount of cortisol in the body is the ideal way to help banish stress, and this product has been shown to be very effective, thanks to reviews from previous users.

Containing strains which have been shown to help reduce mental problems as well as physical, the product contains 4 billion CFU, which is an average amount.

The product does recommend that if you want to target stress and anxiety particularly, you will need to take the supplement three times a day, and from there you should notice that cortisol is reduced.

This may cause slight gastric upset in some people, e.g. extra gas, but this is personal thing which may or may not affect you.


  • Effective for reducing stress and anxiety
  • Pearl capsule which most people will find very easy to swallow
  • Also has a time-release effect
  • Low cost price tag


  • In order to target anxiety you will need to increase the amount of times you take the supplement, which may cause extra gas or bloating

Price: Click here to check the price of the Earth’s Pearl Probiotic & Prebiotic Supplement on Amazon’s website


#4 Hyperbiotics PRO 15 Advanced Strength Probiotics

PRO-15 Advanced Strength Probiotics
PRO-15 Advanced Strength Probiotics: 3x the CFU Count With Kiwi Extract—15 Strains

This particular probiotic is beneficial because it contains a slow release mechanism.

This means that you are getting constant benefit from the supplement and not just one dose which is supposed to last you throughout the day.

The product also helps with colon health and contains powdered kiwi fruit, for extra nutrition.

The strains contained with this product are known to help with stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions, and as a result will not only boost your immune and digestive systems, but will also give you relief from mental health symptoms. With 15 billion CFU per serving, this is a powerful supplement too, which has very positive reviews attached to it.

You can read our detailed review of this product here. 


  • Slow release, which means the benefit is spread across the day
  • Contains powered kiwi fruit
  • A high CFU amount, at 15 billion
  • Contains strains which help with anxiety and mental health


  • Some users reported bloating and gas when they first started taking the product, but this disappeared shortly afterwards

Price: Click here to check the price of the Hyperbiotics PRO 15 Advanced Strength Probiotics on Amazon’s website


#5 Biolever Drinkable Probiotics & Prebiotics

Drinkable Probiotics and Prebiotics Powder
Biolever Sport Drinkable Probiotics and Prebiotics Powder

For anyone who simply doesn’t like taking tablets or capsules, this is a good option as it is a powder that you add to water and drink.

The drinks are sugar free and very low in calories and they don’t have a flavour at all – it is literally like drinking water but getting major benefits!

Each drink also contains 3 billion as a CFU measurement, which although low, still brings benefits, as evidenced by the reviews of previous users.

There are 30 packs within each box, which is enough for one month, and the probiotics are designed to bypass stomach acid and get to where they need to be.

Again, this product contains the types of strains which are known to help with stress and anxiety and many users state that they felt calmer and less anxious as a result of taking this supplement over a period of time.

There is also prebiotic content contained within the supplement, which helps to keep the probiotics strong and healthy.


  • A drinkable supplement which is ideal for those who do not like to take tablets or capsules
  • Contains strains which help with anxiety and mental health problems
  • Bypasses stomach acid to get to where it needs to go
  • Ideal for those who suffer from work-related stress


  • Low CFU amount, however reviews are very positive

Price: Click here to check the price of the Biolever Drinkable Probiotics & Prebiotics on Amazon’s website


#6 Replenish the Good Daily Probiotic

Daily Probiotic. 6 Billion CFU, Delivers 15X More Good Bacteria- Relieve Bloated Stomach & Acid Reflux. Probiotic for Digestive Health for Adults

This is another probiotic product which has been shown to be very useful in helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

The downside is that you will need to take three doses per day in order to target anxiety and to notice a difference.

Each serving contains 6 billion CFU, and the pack contains 60 tablets.

The strains contained within the product are focused on not only gut health and immune function, but also on anxiety and mood, and many previous users state that when using this product for anxiety and taking the extra doses, they noticed a positive difference.

The tablets are also very easy to take and swallow, being quite small compared to many other supplement types.


  • Contains strains which are beneficial for gut health, the immune system, and stress and anxiety
  • High CFU amount
  • Easy to take tablets, which are quite small
  • Time release function to ensure stomach acid doesn’t damage the bacteria


  • You will need to take three doses per day if you are taking the supplement for anxiety

Price: Click here to check the price of the Replenish the Good Daily Probiotic on Amazon’s website


#7 DNA Shift Mood Enhancing Probiotic Supplements

probiotic 50 billion
DNA Shift Probiotics 50 Billion CFU + PREBIOTIC 11 LIVE Bacteria Strain Supplement for Men & Women

Many previous users state they noticed huge benefits from taking this particular supplement, and with a pack size of 30, it will last you for an average of one month, before you need to repurchase.

The CFU size is 50 billion, which is a powerful amount and there are 11 different probiotic strains contained within it.

Many of these strains are targeted towards not only gut health, but also mood and anxiety benefits.

The capsules are small and easy to take and they are also suitable for vegans, containing no false or unnatural ingredients.

Some users did notice a little bloating once they first started taking the supplements, but this disappeared very quickly afterwards.


  • Contains 50 billion CFU, which is a powerful amount
  • Has 11 different probiotic strains within it
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Ideal for stress and anxiety, as well as general digestive health


  • Some users reported a little bloating at first, but this did disappear quickly

Price: Click here to check the price of the DNA Shift Mood Enhancing Probiotic Supplements on Amazon’s website


#8 Distinctly Organics – Matcha Probiotic Supplement

Matcha Prebiotics
Organic Matcha Prebiotics. Probiotics for Women & Men – Best Probiotic Supplement – MatchaBiotics PRO-15 Patented Time Release SmartCaps

This particular product is a high CFU supplement which is designed to help balance out your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, whilst being fantastic for overall gut health and immune system function.

This is a good all-rounder product, and many users noticed an increase in their focus and concentration levels too.

This product contains a CFU of 10 billion, as well as specific strains for anxiety help.

The capsule is designed to survive stomach acid and get to where it needs to be, and they are free of gluten, GMOs and allergens.

There is also prebiotic content within the supplement, to help keep the probiotics strong and healthy.

Again, the capsules are free of gluten, allergens and GMO products, and green tea ingredient is an antioxidant boost for the immune system.


  • Contains a large amount of CFU, at 10 billion
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from stress-related anxiety
  • A good all-rounder product
  • Contains prebiotics to help keep the probiotics strong
  • Contains green tea as an antioxidant


  • Slightly higher price tag

Price: Click here to check the price of the Distinctly Organics – Matcha Probiotic Supplement on Amazon’s website



There are many beneficial probiotics on the market for anyone suffering from anxiety or mental health problems.

Always remember to speak to your doctor about any concerns you have regarding these conditions, as a probiotic alone is not going to solve the problem.

When working alongside other methods however, probiotics may be very beneficial indeed.

Looking for more?

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