Review of GutMD – 1MD’s Gut Repair Supplement

If you’ve landed on this article, it’s possible that you’ve been having gut issues and you’re looking for a product that can get your health back on track. With so many gut-healing products out there, we thought we’d take a look into 1MD’s GutMD to see if it’s a product that could really help those suffering with gut issues.

We’ll take you through exactly what’s in it and what 1MD says this product can do for you, but let’s start with the basics first.


Our Rating: 4.9/5 star rating liver md

“A high quality gut repair supplement that has shown promise in relieving digestive issues”

Why is gut health important?

Where do we start? Your gut health affects your entire body, from your moods to your skin and digestion and everything in between, so it’s essential that you take care of what’s going on in your intestines.

There are around 40 trillion bacteria in your body, both good and bad, and most of them hang out in your gut making up your gut microbiome. When the bad bacteria outweigh the good bacteria, it can wreak havoc on your body.

A healthy gut microbiome is generally supported best by a balanced and nutritional diet with limited bad fats and sugar, but can also be boosted with supplements. Here’s just a few of the functions that happen in your gut:

An unhealthy gut can lead to a hoard of negative health complications, from the mildly inconvenient to the potentially life-threatening.

Symptoms like chronic fatigue, poor immune health, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), weight gain, candida overgrowth (thrush), and more are just a few of the problems you can experience when your gut is suffering.

What can GutMD do for you?

1MD, the manufacturer’s of GutMD, are a company who specialise in doctor-formulated dietary supplements that contain quality tested and proven ingredients. Their passion is to help their customers live a long, healthy life so they can enjoy it to the fullest.

Apart from GutMD they also make products to assist with other digestive needs, such as probiotic supplements, plus products for heart, immune, metabolic, and joint health.

GutMD, as the name suggests, targets gut health specifically and is backed by their Dr. David Kahana, MD. Here are a few of the main benefits 1MD says you’ll see from this product:

  • Optimises nutrient absorption
  • Reinforces and protects the delicate gut lining to prevent toxins leaking into the bloodstream (leaky gut)
  • Improve overall gut and digestive health
  • Supports better immune health
  • Contains prebiotics to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut (probiotics)
  • Reduces harmful bacteria in the stomach

Improving overall gut health and reinforcing the gut lining can help with a host of gut issues. So if you’re suffering from IBS, heartburn, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), bloating, diarrhea, gas or cramping then this product may help.

However, it’s always best to consult your doctor before use to see if this product is right for you.

Who’s backing GutMD?

dr david kahana md

Dr. David Kahana, MD, (also seems to go by the name of Doron Kahana) is a gastroenterologist from Los Angeles who studied at Tel Aviv University Sackler and has been practising for around 20 years.

He deals with digestive disorders, so is an expert on gut health and how it should be maintained. This makes him an excellent match for researching and helping create this product with 1MD.

Dr. Kahana has a passion for nutrition and so works with dietitians and nutritionists to give his patients the best of both worlds when it comes to treatment of conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Celiac disease, and food allergies.

Among many other awesome initiative, Dr. Kahana works with a non-profit organisation called What’s In Your Lunchbox (WIYLBox) to assist children with chronic illnesses at a speciality camp called The Painter Turtle Camp. He also has given many lectures on topics like nutrition, inflammation, and probiotics.

Active ingredients in GutMD

gutmd supplement facts

Now that you know exactly what this product can do, let’s get a little deeper and take a look into what goes into this product to make it effective on gut health. There are 4 main ingredients in GutMD, let’s see how they work.

L-Glutamine – 1500mg

This is an amino acid, which is a nutrient that synthesises proteins for nutrition and are found in protein-rich foods, both plant and animal-based.

L-glutamine, and glutamine in general, are most important for their function within the immune system as they act as an abundant fuel source for your immune cells, including those specifically in your intestines.

L-glutamine helps to reinforce the barrier that separates your intestines and the rest of your body, ensuring nothing is leaked into your bloodstream that could harm you. Additionally, it also encourages the normal growth and health of intestinal cells whilst modulating inflammation, so this humble amino acid can do wonders for your gut!

Although rare, because the body produces this acid on its own, if you don’t have enough L-glutamine in your system you may notice weight loss because your body can’t absorb necessary nutrients from your food, increased infection as your immune system suffers, bowel irregularity and decreased energy levels.

So including this amino acid in GutMD is a huge positive and will have many gut health benefits.

GutGard® – 150mg


This ingredient is derived from licorice root and is intended to protect the gut from nasty bacteria that reduces nutrient absorption. The plant this root comes from is the Glycyrrhiza glabra and is native to Europe and Asia.

It’s most commonly used as a sweetener in candies and drinks but is also said to have a bunch of medical benefits like fighting skin inflammation and infections, helping with stomach pains and ulcers, increasing production of healthy mucus to help the respiratory system function correctly, and reducing stress by stimulating the adrenal gland.

Licorice root does all of this through its antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties. This ingredient has benefits not only in the gut but all over the body, as listed above, so it’s a great addition to GutMD for overall better health.

Acacia Fibregum – 60mg

This ingredient is a source of dietary fibre that works as a prebiotic to feed the probiotics (healthy bacteria) in your large intestine so they can multiply and get to work. The gum comes from the acacia tree and has been known to help treat diabetes, an upset stomach, IBS and high cholesterol, along with inflammation of the skin and mouth.

Acacia fibre is different to most fibre supplements in the way that it ferments slower when it hits the stomach, meaning that it’s less likely to cause any uncomfortable gas or bloating.

It also remains mostly intact until the very last part of the colon, ensuring that it makes its journey the entire way down and spreads a bit of prebiotic goodness all throughout your digestive tract.

This is also another ingredient that supports your gut barrier! It does this by encouraging the growth of the beneficial bacteria that produce short-chain fatty acids which feed the cells lining your gut.

1MD mentions that acacia fibregum will also help with your weight, this may be due to the fact that it’s a fibre and will absorb water in your tummy and intestines to help you feel fuller for longer.

In such small doses you might not notice a huge difference, though. On top of that, acacia fibre will curb influxes of insulin by supporting your glucose absorption to fend off any abnormal weight gain or loss.

These awesome effects compounded by the fact that your gut will be functioning optimally for nutrient absorption therefore reducing those empty snacking urges, means you have a powerhouse weight management ingredient in GutMD.

HMO CARE4U – 250mg

Human identical oligosaccharides (HiMOs) are made from natural ingredients and used to mimic the benefits of the abundant HMOs in breast milk. HMOs are prebiotics only found in breast milk and are crucial for an infant’s development of a strong immune system as the oligosaccharides feed the beneficial bacteria in their gut.

In adults, the same kind of benefits are thought to be seen when given HiMOs. The HiMOs nourish the gut flora and defend against the bad bacteria to create a robust environment.

It’s believed that these oligosaccharides actually inhibit the ability of pathogens and toxins to attach themselves to a host, therefore reducing the harm and the occurrence of illness that they would otherwise cause.

There aren’t a lot of studies published showing the proven benefits of HiMOs and it’s said that they may not exactly replicate all the beneficial effects of natural HMOs, but the synthesised ingredient has been used in infant milk formulas for years with great success so that’s a good indicator that they’re quite similar.

The effect on adults is even less studied, but it’s thought to be similar to that of the effect on infants, as mentioned above. The particular HiMOs found in GutMD, HMO CARE4U, have only been produced by one lab so far which may account for the lack of research published about it. 

Other ingredients

best probiotics for weight loss

There’s only a couple more ingredients in GutMD besides the above active ingredients because 1MD like to keep things simple. Here’s what they are:

  • Vegetable cellulose capsule – This is the vegetarian casing for your capsules, they carry no known health risks and are 100% natural and nontoxic, generally made from the trunks of pine and spruce trees.
  • Vegetable oil powder – A filler with low oxidative deterioration to ensure its shelf life.

This product is preservative, soy, gluten, shellfish, and sugar-free but it does contain lactose (milk) so is unfortunately not vegan – this might be something to take into consideration if it poses an inconvenience to your dietary needs or choices.


Each bottle of GutMD contains 90 capsules and the recommended serving is 3 capsules a day, so each bottle will last you 30 days. The capsules must be taken together and on an empty stomach for the product to work correctly.

To get the full benefit of the product 1MD recommends taking it for 3+ months.

These are the prices from 1MD, it might be worth considering buying in bulk for a discounted price if you’re looking at using this supplement long-term.

Number of bottlesTotal pricePrice per bottlePrice per capsule
1$49.99$49.99 + shipping0.55c + shipping

90-day money back guarantee

If you’re not fully convinced that GutMD will work for you, you’re in luck. 1MD actually offers a 90-day money back guarantee on all of their products!

So if it does turn out that it doesn’t work for you, you can send the bottles back to the company and they’ll refund your money. Just let them know exactly why you’re returning them.

What are the customers saying about GutMD?

So we’ve given you all the science behind it, now let’s delve into some user reviews from the 1MD website. This product is fairly new and it hasn’t gained many reviews on other sites yet, so be sure to take these with a grain of salt.

  • Helps with gas – A few of the reviews for GutMD say they’ve noticed a decrease in how much gas they have, previously this had been a source of anxiety and discomfort for them so the relief within 2-3 days of their gas problems will prompt them to re-purchase GutMD.
  • IBS symptom alleviation – One reviewer mentioned that they were looking for a natural option to treat their recently diagnosed IBS and found that their symptoms feel much better than they have in a long time after starting this product. Another reviewer mentioned that diarrhea (a common symptom of IBS) has also been improved with GutMD.
  • Digestive improvements – From combatting food intolerances to less bloating, customers claim that GutMD has helped with their overall digestion and they’d definitely be recommending the product to friends and family who have similar digestive issues.
  • Immune support – One reviewer works in a profession where they’re around germs and bacteria frequently so it’s essential they have this supplement to reduce illness but also reduce their allergies and asthma attacks, the user remarks that they’ve had noticeably less allergy flare-ups since starting GutMD.

More reviews

gutmd reviews

You can read more real reviews from customers vis the 1MD website. Just click on this link and scroll down to the reviews section of the page.

The verdict…

If you’re suffering from leaky gut, digestive problems, brain fog or anything where you feel your gut needs a bit of a boost, then a gut health supplement like GutMD might be a good idea to test out. With 4 active gut-nourishing ingredients backed by science, doctors, and a 90-day money back guarantee, it’s a great option for those who want relief from the struggles of an unhealthy gut. 

Licorice root, HMOs, acacia fibregum and L-glutamine combine forces to give you a powerhouse gut-healing formulation with just one serving of 3 GutMD capsules a day – an easy possible solution for some very inconvenient and uncomfortable gut issues, sounds like a great deal!


Our Rating: 4.9/5 star rating liver md

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  1. Do you recommend gut MD or gut connect 365. You reviewed both and they seem very similar. Any guidance or opinion appreciated.


    1. Hi Luc. It really depends on what you’re taking them for specifically. That being said GutMD is our higher rated product based on the individual reviews. Hope this helps.


    2. 1MD.
      gut md totally kept me from evacuating my bowel had to take lax to move it on threw.


  2. I have taken gut MD for 3 months now and honestly I don’t feel any different. Not sure if I need to continue or try another brand.


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