4 Useful Stroke Exercises to Quickly Improve Mobility

The majority of stroke survivors will experience changes in their mobility and movement after their strike. Most of it is a result of weakness in your muscles, which may impact one whole side of your body or only one limb.

Stroke rehab can help you build up your strength so that you can remain independent and improve your general quality of life. Some of your stroke recovery will take place with a physical therapist, but you will also find a stroke rehab exercise or two that you can complete at home.

Here are a few of the commonly assigned exercises.

1. Seated Marching

Walking therapy is a crucial form of exercise and rehabilitation in stroke patients who must relearn to walk. You may find that you complete much of this in the hospital or with physical therapists. However, seated marching is a way that you can also work on regaining your strength and balance at home.

You’ll begin in a chair. You then lift your leg up to your chest and do your best to remain in control as it travels both up and back down. Then, you’ll do the same with your other leg.

Do this for 10 reps.

2. Trunk Rotation

Trunk rotation can help people with types of impairment by helping you regain some core strength.

While seated in a chair, you place your left hand on the outside of your right thigh. Then, sitting up straight, you use your arm to help twist your torso to the right.

You should complete the move using your core. Avoid pulling with your arms, and don’t twist so far that you cause pain.

When you finish, do the same thing on the other side (right hand, left thigh). Repeat 15 times.

3. Heel Raises

Heel raises are another form of balance and walking therapy, but they’re only suitable for someone who’s already standing on their own.

To complete your heel raise, hold on to a countertop (or a sturdy chair). Stand flat-footed, then raise yourself and stand on your tiptoes. Keep your body tall while you move. Then, return your heels to the floor in a controlled movement.

Start with one set of 10 and work your way up to 3 sets of 10.

4. Unweighted Bicep Curls

The unweighted bicep curls help regain strength and mobility in a weak arm (or both arms).

Place your elbow on the table and bend your arm to 90 degrees. Curl your arm partway up, then release it slightly. Don’t place it back on the table: keeping the tension will work your arm more than using a weight.

Do this 10 times.

Stroke Rehab Exercise can Help Life Feel Normal

After a stroke, you may struggle with both motor skills and muscle atrophy. Strengthening the affected muscle with a stroke rehab exercise can improve your outcome and help you regain your independence.

As a result, your physiotherapist or specialist will give you a list of exercises to do. You will likely see some of the ones we listed on your plan.

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